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  • Automatic suction with 3 exercise modes
  • Increase your endurance
  • Ultra-thick stocker sleeve
  • USB rechargeable
  • Made of Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

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Product Description

The Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump is the ultimate tool for maximizing your pleasure. This massive penis pump is designed to provide bigger and better results with every use, helping you increase endurance, improve stamina, and amplify your rod. With three unique enhancement exercise modes, this pump is perfect for anyone looking to take their pleasure to the next level.

The extra-large smart pump features easy-touch controls and a quick air release button, allowing you to customize your pumping experience to your exact specifications. The thick open-end sleeve and tight, nubby chamber provide sinful stroking pleasure with or without the pump, ensuring that you never have to settle for less when it comes to the size of your pleasure.

The cylindrical pump and thick, durable sleeve are designed to create the perfect seal and powerful suction at the touch of a button. Once you have reached your peak pump, use the quick air release to decrease suction or release seal. When used regularly, this powerful pumper can increase stamina, enhance overall size, and amplify sensation.

Recharging the premium pump is easy with the provided USB charging cable, which can fully charge the pump in just 90 minutes. With up to 12 hours of total run time, you can enjoy extended pleasure sessions without worrying about running out of power. To track your progress, use the incremental measurement marks on the cylinder shaft.

The premium stroker sleeve fits into most standard pumps, but can also be used independently for a passionate stroking experience. Made from premium Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE, this sleeve is body safe, unscented, and phthalate-free, ensuring that your most sensitive spots stay happy and healthy. Cleaning up after use is easy, simply wash with soap and warm water before and after each use.

The Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump is available in black and is made from high-quality materials, including Polystyrene, ABS Plastic, and Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE. It is phthalate-free and rechargeable, making it a safe and convenient choice for anyone looking to maximize their pleasure.

With a maximum run time of 90 minutes and a maximum charging time of 90 minutes, this pump is perfect for extended pleasure sessions. It comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy your pump with confidence.

The package measures 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches by 17 inches and weighs 10.3 ounces. The cylinder measures 10.5 inches by 3 inches, while the sleeve measures 7 inches by 4 inches. The bulk weight of the pump is 4.5 ounces, making it easy to handle and use.

In conclusion, the Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump is the perfect tool for anyone looking to maximize their pleasure. With its powerful suction, customizable pumping, and premium stroker sleeve, this pump is sure to provide bigger and better results with every use. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Try the Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump today and experience the ultimate in pleasure.


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rating 0.5
Do not Purchase
Nice variety of suction but the rubber part just ends up getting sucked into the machine. Would not recommend purchase.
rating 4.5
Major suction power delivers noticeable results with first couple uses
This is my first automatic pump but by far the best pump I've tried. I've tried half a dozen or so through the years. Works really well. Strong suction. Safely stop suction with the press of a button and release with a second push. 3 automated"exercise" modes plus a manual mode. The silicone stroker sleeve makes for a good fit and makes a good seal no matter how small you are. This has been a problem area with other pumps, but delivers flawlessly here. The guy that says the rubber piece gets sucked up with it, I'm confused by how this is a problem. Of course it does. How would it not? It doesn't interfere at all, it's how it works. Dude doesn't know what he's doing or talking about imo. I don't know what be was expecting... I'm really baffled by that comment It is easy remove and clean. You will want to use some lube when you use it and should Clea. It after every use. You may use it for pleasure some, but that isn't the purpose of a pump like this, the packaging and advertising is misleading there. Also I'm not sure how it increases stamina? I noticed a difference in size after first use. In a week I was really impressed. Find a good consistant routine and stick with it, you'll increase girth and length pretty quick. The sky is the limit. Atleast once a day 15 to 30 minutes. Two or three is better if you have the time. If you stop use, you will lose some of thst gain over time, but half of it is permanent. I gained 4.5inch in length and 1.75in in girth over 6 months, stopped use and was still 2.25in longer and 1inch wider after 8 or 9 months. Ymmv depends on how dedicated you are, just like working out and gaining muscle
rating 5
Quick friendly service. Amazing suction and exercises 5 out 5 You won t regret this product.
rating 5
he loved it
it was a gift for my husband and he is in love with it