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Couple Vibe

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items

So you’re looking for a toy that would not only help you in pleasuring yourself but will also aid in leveling up your sex game as a couple? Well, the search is a tough one but definitely worth it. Finding a toy that can work both ways would not only help you in your solo moments but will also help you ramp up your game immensely.


Therefore we are proud to bring to you; Couple vibe. These immensely popular toys are some of the best couple sex toys out there on the market. With a unique pleasurable collection from we-vibe couples and many others, you will surely be spoilt for choices.


Why should you buy a couple vibe and not individual toys for yourself?


First and foremost, whenever you buy sex toys for couples, you not only gift yourself some amazing orgasms but also show your dedication to your partner by keeping his/her interest on the table as well. This strengthens your relationship and that can have a huge boost on your overall sex life.

Secondly, even if you’re single, buying couple sex toys automatically triggers your subconscious into getting into a relationship or at least seeking one. This way you can achieve two targets for the price of just one.


Which couple sex toy should you buy?


If you’re a couple and want to ramp up your sex life, it’s better to buy simple toys such as wands and rings to see if it suits you. If these toys work well for you then you can go ahead and try for more interesting ones. This is a piece of important advice because many times it so happens that not all toys suit all couples. Some couples might want vanilla sex while some might prefer spicy variations with different kinds of foreplay and bondage. So first figure out your taste and then explore unknown territories. This way you’ll surely enjoy some amazing moments of orgasm in bed.


Can couple vibe sex toys be used as solo products for masturbation?


Absolutely. The couple vibe toys can be used solo or with a partner and this is exactly what makes them so unique. You can use them to please yourself during those boring summer afternoons or use them to ramp up your sex game with your partner. Whatever be the use, get ready for a thrilling experience every single time!