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Arcwave Ion

  • Pleasure Air™
  • Smart Silence™
  • Twist to Open
  • Clean Tech Silicone

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4.63 / 5 - 8 reviews


Product Description

Designed with an immersive and stimulating experience in mind, the Arcwave Ion male masturbator is an open-ended toy that slides fully over the penis. The toy is also flexible, allowing you to squeeze and adjust the pressure on your shaft.


The toy itself is made from a super-soft black silicone sleeve, attached with a sturdy plastic handle that houses the three control buttons, readily available during play for maximum control! Inside of our male masturbator you will see the ribbed texturing, as well as our Pleasure Air sensor, designed specifically for your enjoyment.


The Arcwave Ion uses new-age Pleasure Air tech, which focuses on pulsating airwaves to stimulate you across sensitive areas. The targeted points to bring you the most pleasure are the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, which sounds rather sciency, but is essentially along the underside of your penis.


By focusing on these points in particular, the Ion Arcwave not only provides you with a mind-numbing pleasure, but in ways that you’ve likely never felt before. Despite the sci-fi name for its methods, the Ion Arcwave is incredibly simple to use, once charged, you simply slide it on and let yourself melt away with the rhythmic pleasures.


The Pleasure Air feature is something constantly raved about, one of the many reasons people flock to the Ion Arcwave! The pulsating airwaves across your frenulum bring intense stimulation in ways you’ve likely never thought of before, bringing you to new heights of pleasure. It’s reasons like this that we’ve maintained ourselves as a stand-out toy that’s used in many bedrooms across the country!


In an effort to provide you with a tailored-experience for your evenings, the Ion Arcwave has eight different intensity options, easily controlled via the intuitive control panel. Finding your preferred intensity is one thing, but you’ll also have to decide whether you prefer it stationary, or in motion. Our male masturbator can still be moved while the air-pressure is stimulating you, allowing you to stroke mid-play!


The Ion Arcwave is also equipped with a sophisticated Smart Silence option. This setting will have the toy cease all noise and action while not being actively used. This helps with those sometimes frantic moments of hiding it away, so no struggling to find the button to turn it off! When it comes back into contact with you, the toy will remember your previous settings, continuing your play session from where you left off.


This will not only save on battery life, but make sure that things remain discreet with your male masturbator. With regards to being discreet, the Ion Arcwave includes a discreet black storage, drying ,and charging dock. Being able to travel with your toy without fearing the embarrassment of discovery, or the joy of not having to stow it away is an absolute bonus!


Charging the Arcwave Ion is easy, simply lift the black silicone tag from the base of the storage case and connect the cord that’s included with the package. Then place your Ion Arcwave inside with its magnetic points lined up with the points inside of the case itself. Once set, you can leave it be for around 90 minutes, knowing it’ll be fully-charged and ready to go for up to an hour of constant play!


To ensure that cleaning is a simple and easy task, the Arcwave Ion includes DryTech accessories to streamline the process. Simply place the DryTech pack inside of the accessory provided, and slide your Ion Arcwave on top! (Diagrams are included with the booklet.) It is also able to be easily twisted and separated from the main controller, letting you comfortably rinse with warm soapy water.


With the storage dock included, you won’t have to fret over where to keep your toy, designed entirely to not only keep your Arcwave Ion hidden away, but stored in the perfect environment to ensure your toy remains as-new. Each session will be like the first, the life-span of our toys one of our biggest priorities, we’ve done everything to ensure that you can enjoy your male masturbator for years to come.


So whether you’re circumcised or uncircumcised, you can feel comfortable knowing that the Arcwave Ion is developed purely to provide a new kind of pleasure!  Sensitivity, intensity and even how tightly it squeezes around you are able to be adjusted, giving you an incredibly customized experience. Cleaning is a cinch, thanks to the easy twist-off section and included accessories, not to mention the sleek and discreet design of the toy itself.


Making the Ion Arcwave the new addition to your toy collection, or even the first of many, is a great choice. You’ll find yourself comparing all toys from this point on to the well-designed male masturbator. Inside of the box you will find the toy itself, along with the storage base for charging and drying, a 10ml Arcwave lube which has been developed by Pjur, a mini USB charging cable, the manual and safety instructions. Everything you need will be at your fingertips!


The body of the Arcwave Ion is made with hygiene in mind, using safe materials to ensure that the only focus of usage will be your pleasure. Utilizing CleanTech silicone and an ABS plastic design, the toy is made to not only be cleaned easily, but to remain cleaned during and after use. You can use any of your favorite water-based lubricants with your toy, though you should stay away from silicone-based lubes and other products. It is also IPX7 waterproof.


The Arcwave Ion is around 5.75"/14.6cm in total length, 5.5"/14cm penetrable and 3.1"/7.9cm in total width. The inner diameter is approximately 1.25"/3.2cm.

Product Details

Material:ABS, Silicone

Reviews (8)

Jul 29, 2021
(4 / 5
the toy is loud but works very well.

May 24, 2021
(4 / 5
Embarrassed to say that I masterbate a lot. Been using the Magic Wand for 20 years. I always hoped that something new would come along and WOW. No comparison. I'm feeling things that I've never felt before. It's subtle, takes some time to find but wow, all of a sudden this wave of intense pleasure will come. I've never felt that type of feeling before. Intense. For me, it has to be subtle. I leave it the best spot and then after 15 minutes, that feeling starts coming, and then I move it ever so gently so stay in that spot but just moving it slightly brings these waves of intense feeling Yes it sounds like a loud boat when you move too far and expose the air thing. And yes, it requires a lot of lube and some water to thin the lube, and the 45 minute charge is right on the cusp of not being long enough, but man there is no feeling like it. Not even a blow job can get me that intense feeling. It requires some patience, and openness, and subtle trial and error. My wish would be that the battery would last a little longer. I'm almost tempted to buy a 2nd one for when the battery runs out and leaves me high and dry, a 2nd one to take me across is very tempting. I'm a HUGE fan and addicted to it big time. Thank you Arcwave!

Mar 22, 2021
(5 / 5
This is my first toy and oh my goodness its the best thing ever. The orgasm is great and for me it's really fast. Maybe I am doing something wrong but dang I can't help it. It hits the right spot.

Jan 25, 2021
(5 / 5
Love blowjobs? Then this is the toy for you. BTW use a lot of lube.

Jan 23, 2021
(5 / 5
Where do I begin, this device had me still tingling an hour after I first used it! An amazing stroker, I used this watching some VR with noise cancelling headphones (it’s quite loud), and it felt like I was in the BJ scene! Highly recommend

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