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Anal Vibrators

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

What Is an Anal Vibrator?

Designed for sexual stimulation, an anal vibrator is a sex toy that has the vibration feature for pleasuring the anus. It is widely popular for anyone who wants to explore some fun and excitement, regardless of sexual preferences.

Why Anal Vibrators?

The opening of your anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings that, when stimulated, will give you an incomparable feeling. Some may even get anal orgasms. Whether you’re doing it alone or with a lover, playing with an anal vibrator will give that complete satisfaction you or your partner deserve.

The anus is where anal vibrators really shine. However, women can also use these vibrators to massage their erogenous zones, such as the clitoris and G-spot, giving you the best of both worlds (just remember to clean it before you use it anywhere else).

A Variety of Anal Vibrators

If you’re ready to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation, our shop offers the most popular types of anal vibrators. These are:

  •      Prostate Massager: With a long flexible shaft and enlarged bulb, a prostate massager like our We-Vibe Vector is sure to bring you or your partner pleasure. By stimulating the prostate, or the male G-spot, you’re sure to reach your climax with a powerful orgasm.
  •      Butt Plugs: Enjoy the power of vibrating butt plugs for a gratifying sensation. The 21X Vibrating Swirl Anal Plug is also perfect if you enjoy adjusting different settings for greater pleasure.
  •      Beads: As the name implies, this sort of vibrator has beads on its shaft that provide a delightful feeling when inserted or removed.

Tips When Shopping Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are very safe to use. However, you shouldn’t use just any toy for stimulation. You should choose one that has a base, preventing its full insertion and the possibility of getting it stuck in your anus.

If you’re new to anal stimulation, we recommend trying a smaller size. When you’re ready, you can always level up your game to a bigger one.

Finally, don’t forget to use lube. Unlike your penis or vagina, your anus doesn’t naturally lubricate, so lube is necessary.

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