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Realistic Butts

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items

There is not one guy on earth who would say no to anal sex. Anal sex surpasses all boundaries of pleasure. Irrespective of how tight your partners vay-vay is, the tightness of the anal region can never be competed with. It has been a teenage dream of many guys to finally enter the ass and experience how it truly feels. This intense urge could be due to myriad reasons, starting from the fact that it is usually considered a forbidden” region to the fact that it is highly glorified in porn and for all the right reasons!


But then if you dont find a partner to participate, can you never have this forbidden pleasure of life? Nah, we got your back (not literally, ahem). With our realistic butt toys, you can finally get to fulfill this dream of yours. Therefore, as a sex toy store, we not only ensure that you receive some great sexual pleasure but also make sure to help you tick all your boxes of hidden desires!


Are realistic butt toys better than normal male sex toys?


Unless youre a fan of anal sex, this genre isnt really for you. But if youre craving for some tight actions then yes realistic butt stuff is the way to go. With an overall tight” sensation and ribbed walls, youll reach your orgasm faster than you could have ever imagined.

Normal sex toys use the same old mechanism of smooth textured walls, but anal butt toys traverse the extra length to ensure that the rim feels tighter than the end. This emulates the real butt-like feeling, and you can get to experience how it truly feels to have anal sex.


Is anal sex with realistic butt toys overhyped?


As I said, no man on earth would say that anal sex is overhyped. If you have ever been with a girl or a guy inside her or his ass, youd know that the feeling is completely overwhelming. It takes you to a whole new level of pleasure. Anal sex is not only rewarding in its truest sense of pleasure but can also be a unique experience to bond with your partner.


Hence, anal sex with realistic butts gives you this exact experience. You get to feel how it feels to be inside the ass of a person without the burden of a relationship or other human dramas attached to it.


Should you buy a realistic butt toy?


Let me give you two quick points:

     Feels exactly like anal sex
This one point should be more than enough to make you reach out for this awesome product. Nothing beats the sensation of anal sex, and this product guarantees you just that. Realistic butt toys feel exactly like anal sex, so thats something to look out for.
Use it whenever you want; however, you want
The one thing that makes this product a golden choice over real people is that you are free to use it whenever you want, as many times you want!

So check out our list and buy one right now!