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Self-Contained Stroker

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items

If youre someone whos fond of trying out different forms of strokes in a fleshlight, then this product is for you. Self contained strokers are toys that take your fleshlight experience to the next level. Or instead to the ultimate” level. These toys are ergonomically designed to give you the sensation of a stroker or a normal fleshlight while adding layers of pleasure by adding vibration and other rhythmic sensations.


How is a self contained stroker different from a normal fleshlight?

A normal fleshlight usually consists of a silicon tube with various designs and textures carved within the walls so that you get a textured sensation while you stroke your penis with it. Whereas, with self contained strokers, you get a whole new sensation thanks to its pulsating rhythmic algorithms.


What do people who have used self contained strokers think?


Throughout the internet, you will find hundreds of reviews of self contained strokers that claim each one to be better than the other. But as a whole category of sex toys and fleshlights, self contained strokers are a class apart. A male masturbator should fulfill at least two main functions.

     It should feel good

     It should make masturbation easy and fun.

This category of toys accomplishes both with ease. Even though they arent the most natural toys out there, the sensation you experience with each stroke is simply unimaginable.


Does it need anything extra to work?


Most self-contained strokers come with a rechargeable battery that you can use for hours with just a few minutes of charge. Therefore, youll never run out of juice while youre at it unless of course youre a marathon jerker! You can buy lubes for masturbating. But keep in mind not to use silicone lubes on products with silicone linings as that will cause erosion and damage the product. So check the labeling and instruction manual that comes with every product and then use them accordingly.


Are self-contained strokers suitable for small penises?


Absolutely! Most men with a small penis have a problem during sex since the insertion isnt as efficient. However, with textured walls and advanced ergonomic fit, self-contained strokers ensure that men of all sizes get pleasure in their truest form. You will never be unsatisfied with such a great form of fleshlight.