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Egg Stroker

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Even though most people would believe that Egg stroker toys were popularized by only one brand, on closer analysis, youll see that several brands led a huge revolution that led to the immense popularity of masturbation egg toys.


What is an Egg stroker?

Egg stroker or masturbation eggs are basically toys that assist you in masturbation using a membrane slip mechanism. The user basically strokes his shaft, stretching the egg, which covers the whole penis like a condom while fully stretched. This gives a very real-life vagina-like sensation as you masturbate.


What are the advantages of an egg stroker?

There are innumerable advantages to using an egg stroker over conventional fleshlights or other male sex toy products. You must realize that one cannot and must not compare masturbation eggs to those premium high end blowjob toys. Rather this falls under the category of simple masturbation toys to please oneself. Some of the advantages of egg masturbation toys are as follows:

     Discreet sex toy
How many times have you skipped a sex toy just because it looked too cumbersome to hide them? Or, how many times have you got caught owning a sex toy even though you tried your best to conceal them?
We know your answer is some embarrassing number. Hence, if youre looking for a small yet amazing male sex toy that can be hidden from plain sight, masturbation eggs are the way to go.

Many times a sex toy becomes gross due to poor cleaning. The toy was probably not washed properly or maybe it was not stored in a clean place. Whatever be the reason, using an infected sex toy is extremely dangerous not only for the user but also for his partners. Therefore, being disposable in nature, egg strokers strike a home run in terms of safety for use. Just take out a new product every time and enjoy your orgasms without any risk of infection.

     Huge variety in terms of the type of egg
Egg masturbation toys come in their own buffet of varieties that you cant even imagine. They not only encompass myriad textures but also has lubes and lotions for added sensations. So once you buy a pack of eggs, youre surely set for a few nights of unmatched pleasures.

Who are these masturbation egg toys for?

Masturbation egg toys or egg stroker toys are for anyone looking to level up their masturbation game without having to compromise on their style of stroking. Some people love to get handjobs, whereas some enjoy penetrative pleasures. Egg strokers are specially made for the ones in the former category. It will allow you to control your pace of strokes whilst leveling up your game every time.

But be careful, egg strokers could be very addictive at times, so if you arent someone who can handle such toe-curling pleasures, this toy isnt for you *wink wink*.