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Trainer Kits

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Not everyone can start off with a 12inch dildo up their ass. The initiation must be slow and steady. If you’re someone who is looking to start off their journey into the anal territory, this category is made for you.


Presenting trainer kits, a perfect ensemble of toys that will prepare you for the “bigger things” in life. But what exactly is this kit? Who is it for? Read on to find more…


What is a trainer kit?


An anal training kit is essentially a package that contains various types of toys that can train your anus gradually. The small toys are helpful, to begin with, and then you move on to bigger ones as you stretch your muscles. This gradual process not only helps in making the process enjoyable but also prevents injury. The latter point is very important because more than 70% of couples end up injuring themselves using big toys in the first few months of their anal training.


Who is this training kit for?


Technically speaking, this kit is for anyone who wants to participate in anal training. However, if you belong to one of the following categories, you definitely should buy yourself one:

  •      A couple who wants to try out anal sex but is too shy/afraid about the procedure.
  •      Someone who wants to try out anal masturbation but hasn’t been able to find the toy of the right size.
  •      Men who enjoy pegging and want to expand their horizons.


If you’re any of these people, you must give the anal trainer kit a shot.


Are training kits safe to use?


Anal kits are absolutely safe to use. Rather, they are as safe as any other simple sex toy you possess. With gradually increasing sizes, you can use whichever size you’re comfortable with. This prevents most kinds of stretching-related injuries.

Other than that, just follow the safety precautions in the instruction manual and use a lot of lube. If you keep your senses peeled and just sit back, you’ll surely have some memorable experiences with these kits.