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Double Dildos

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When it comes to sex in a lesbian couple, there aren’t many toys available to please both parties involved. Most dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons are only meant for a single person's use i.e. only one person can enjoy them at a time. This could create an unnecessary imbalance of sensual dynamics during the act. So how do you prevent it? Or rather, how do you find yourself a product that can please both the partners at the same time?


Presenting double dildos or double ended dildos. These sex toys are meant to be used by two people at the same time, yes you read that right. Now, you can penetrate your partner while getting penetrated simultaneously by the same toy! If that doesn’t excite you. I don’t know what will.


What are double dildos?


Double ended dildos are toys that basically look like two dildos glued back-to-back on each other. Literally, “double ended”. These dildos come in various shapes and sizes starting from the realistic phallic ones to cute plastic ones. Also, some of the double sided dildos also come in two different shapes so you and your partner can decide who wants which side depending on who feels bolder *wink wink*.


What’s the point of buying double dildos when you can just buy two dildos?


The whole point of getting a double ended dildo is to experience the pleasure together. Using a double sided dildo, you will get to please your partner while getting penetrated simultaneously. This not only increases the joy of the whole session but can also be a great bonding exercise as a couple.


Can heterosexual couples also use double dildos?


Absolutely. If your male partner is comfortable with pegging or anal play, you can definitely give this a shot. Once you figure out who enjoys what, the sky is your limit.


Furthermore, this is a boon for people-pleasers. There are many girls out there who complain about not getting enough because she was busy trying to please their partner throughout the act. Double dildos are a blessing to them. Through this toy, they not only get to please their partners but also get to enjoy themselves. That’s a perfect win-win situation!