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Not all men are gifted with big hung penises to show off and please their women. And honestly, that's okay. It’s not fair to expect 11inch boners from every tom-dick-harry out there. But in this generation when pornographic movies are so common, women tend to have a skewed image of the “ideal alpha male”. They fantasize about having sex with huge hung guys and when they see the package their partners have to offer in bed, disappointment is only obvious.


So what’s the solution? Penis extensions. With the right penis extender sleeve, you can give yourself an additional 3-5cm in length! It also increases the girth so you can finally give her the porn star sex experience she has always wanted!


What are penis extensions?


A penis extension is a hollow, penis-shaped sex toy that’s worn over your penis like a sheathe during sex.

Penis sleeves come in a diverse variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

There are two primary reasons behind wearing a penis extension:

  • There are realistic extensions that resemble a life-size penis of 6-7inches and are designed primarily to make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner. This is mainly for men who find it a bit difficult to stay hard during penetrative sex.
  • Then there are larger than life or textured extensions with built-in extensions designed to add extra length and girth to your penis for a more intense experience.


How do penis extension toys work?


Penis extenders are like gloves that you put on your penis. There is a ball harness that you put around your scrotum (ball sack) to keep the whole thing in place. With the extender on, you can continue with your usual act of intercourse. Due to this extension, you get to have a few inches and additional length whereas the girl gets to feel the bigger meat inside her. Some extenders also come with added texture to create a more intense sensation.


Furthermore, it's important to know that there are broadly two types of extenders available. An open-ended extender and a closed-ended entender. The former, as the name suggests has an opening for the tip so you can feel the vagina with your glans while the latter has a shut end.


Whatever penis extension you choose, you'll be satisfied with the whole session. These are gifts that both genders can enjoy irrespective of their sexuality.