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Anal Dildos

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

If you’re a fan of anal sex like me, you too would be tired of trying to please your backdoor using those conventional dildos. The regular dildos you find are just not meant for the ass. They can neither hit the spots nor have a lasting stretching effect leaving us unsatisfied every single time. So what do you do? How do you feed this hunger for some backdoor action?


Fret not. We got your back, literally. Presenting anal dildos! These specially made dildos are made keeping your anal anatomy in mind. With these special dildos you’ll be able to orgasm even with just anal sex. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself.


Why should you buy anal dildos and not just normal ones for anal pleasures?


Using normal dildos for anal pleasure is the same as using a Colt 1851 Revolver to kill a rhino; it might work if you hit the eye, but chances are… it won’t.

Here are a few reasons why anal dildos should be your go-to toys for anything anal:


  •      Specifically designed for anal pleasures
    Anal dildos
    are specifically designed to give you orgasms through anal penetration. With an ergonomic design and a textured head, these dildos are built to hit the right spots at the right depth. This way you can ensure an amazing experience every single time.

  •      Bigger and girthier toys
    We are all aware that our anal rim and the rectum are more stretchable than our vaginal walls. Hence dildos for anal penetration are thicker and bigger than normal ones.

  •      Varying textures and patterns
    The anal dildos have varying patterns and textures on them. Since the anal walls have lesser neural endings than the vagina, it is necessary to have these patterns and textures to stimulate the nerves and create a pulsating orgasm.

If you’re looking for the right toy to indulge in some steamy anal play sessions, you must definitely get yourself an anal dildo. These dildos not only assist in solo sessions but are also great companions in bed during foreplay with your partner. You can surely use these anal dildos to prep the ass for something else (ahem!).


Plus, with our impressive repertoire of anal dildos, I’m sure you’ll be spoilt of choices so check them out and buy the dildo that you’ve been hunting for.