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Bullet & Egg Vibrators

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Bullet and Egg Vibrators

Small, versatile, and packs a considerable punch — those are the perfect words to describe bullet and egg vibrators. Twice Tonight has a wide range of bullet and egg vibrators to fit all our customers’ tastes and needs. Each one is carefully chosen and checked out to ensure they all deliver on their promises of pleasure and satisfaction.

What’s The Difference

Bullet and egg vibrators are easily differentiated based on their distinctive shapes alone. As the names suggest, bullet vibrators resemble bullets while egg vibrators resemble eggs. A bullet vibe has a slimmer and sleeker profile. Meanwhile, an egg vibrator is wider, with a large and oval shape like its namesake.

In terms of usage, bullet vibrators are much more straightforward. They are mainly used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Although egg vibrators are also mostly used for clitoral stimulation, their size also allows them to be used for vaginal or even anal penetration plays.

Another notable difference between bullet vibrators and egg vibrators is how they are controlled. Bullet vibes are typically wireless while egg vibrators often come with a wired controller. However, thanks to newer product models and designs, it is now easier to find wireless egg vibes or even wired bullet vibes.

Discreet and On-the-Go

Bullet and egg vibrators are the go-to purchase for anyone looking for sex toys that are small and easy to hide. They often have simple and discreet designs, as well. Bullet vibrators, especially, are typically designed to look like bullet lipsticks and other items ladies commonly carry.

These vibrators are compact enough for travel, as well. They can easily be kept in purses or purses for exciting on-the-go play.

Small But Still Packing

Bullet and egg vibrators are the epitome of the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” The size of these discreet toys does not affect their power in any way. Many bullet and egg vibrators can easily match the strength of much larger toys.

Additionally, these egg and bullet vibrators today often come packed with special features. Many come with multiple speed settings, adjustable vibration options, power levels, and waterproof seals for underwater play. Some may even have unique designs for added stimulation and pleasure.

Not Just for Women

Bullet vibes and egg vibrators are primarily used to great effect on women’s bodies, they can also bring immense pleasure and satisfaction for men.

These toys do more than provide great clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Since we can direct their vibrations anywhere, bullet vibrators can also be used on other erogenous zones. This includes the nipples, penis head and shaft, scrotum or balls, perineum, and anus. Egg vibrators can bring immeasurable pleasure for adventurous guys willing to take the plunge and try anal play.