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Anal Lubes

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

There isn’t one human on earth who would recommend dry sex. Sex in itself should be wet, moist, and slippery. But not everyone can get their juices right be it oral or vaginal. So what do you do?


Presenting anal lubes. A one-of-a-kind lube that facilitates anal sex. Now, forget all those embarrassing moments of dry murky sex and get to experience how it feels to have some good ol’ anal pleasure.


What are anal lubes?


These are specialized gels and water-based solvents that help create a slimy layer between the skin and lubricate body surfaces. These lubricants are bio-safe and make sure it doesn’t get too rough during the act.


How are anal lubes different from vaginal ones?


Anal lubes are significantly different than vaginal ones in various aspects:

  •      Vaginal lubes become dry faster
    The composition of anal lubes is different hence it lasts longer. Vaginal lubes don’t keep up for that long and hence end up drying faster.

  •      Anal lubes are easier to wash off
    Post-sex anal lubricants are easier to wash off so it’s more convenient after the whole act is done. Vaginal lubes tend to become sticky with the anal fluid and form a messy mixture that is often tough to wash off.

Should you buy anal lubes for yourself?


You definitely should. Anal lubes are not only meant for anal sex but is also a necessary element for masturbation involving the back door. If you're into pegging, butt plugs or any kind of anal masturbation, you must get yourself a bottle of anal lube.


Also, irrespective of your sexuality, anal lubes are a necessity if you’re planning to have anal sex. In recent years, heterosexual couples have been using this product too. So if you’re someone who is planning to venture into the world of anal pleasures, anal lubes are your best friend.