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Zolo Tornado

  • 10 unique squeezing and gyrating modes
  • Built-in erotic sounds
  • Multi-ribbed sleeve
  • Adjustable suction cup base

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Product Description

When you have a sex toy that can give you the twisting n flexing motion of real oral work, you know it's here to slay. Most sex toys these days are just thrusting motors that tug the penis up and down hoping to give pleasure. But the reality is much different. When you're in bed with your partner you'll seldom see a repetitive action giving you any pleasure. You need that devilish twisting n curling sensation to make yourself throb in pleasure.


Therefore, X-Gen products bring you yet another incredible invention: Zolo Tornado. One use of this sex toy and you'll be hooked on how good these products are. But we must warn you, we have got one particular complaint from several users across the globe. They all complain about how addictive the Zolo tornado sex toy is. It's like this sex toy gives them more pleasure than having real sex! Even though that sounds weird but it does make sense when you think closely. Having a constant partner has its hassles and troubles. On the other hand, a masturbator like this can be a boon to you.


How is Zolo Tornado better than any other male sex toy on the market?


Zolo tornado sucker has innumerable positive sides that make it one of the most widely acclaimed male sex toys of 2022. Here are a few pointers:


  •      Unique twisting and gyrating motions

You'll rarely find a sex toy that has the twisting motion that is seen in blowjobs. This gyrating twist not only feels great but can also help the user prolong the user's time to orgasm, ultimately giving him more pleasure.

Zolo Tornado stroker comes with this rare feature but that's not at all. It gives you 10 variations of the same! Now that is something incredible indeed. Having 10 variations of this already amazing feature makes it a killer sex toy for all men.


  •      Quick rechargeable battery

With just a short recharge of 3 hours, you can get a playtime of over an hour! So no more hankering with the electric cord or being anxious about the charge running out.


  •      The adjustable suction cup base

Want to go hands-free and still use the sex toy as it is? Don't worry. With its adjustable suction cup attached to its base, you can put the toy anywhere you want and still enjoy it.


  •      Ribbed and textured sleeve

The sleeve has dots and ribs inside that give it a marvelous texture. This texturing helps in putting in some friction and thus increases the pleasure to several folds.


So if you're looking for a sex toy that is based on the gyrating motions of real-life blowjob, the Zolo tornado rechargeable suction cup male masturbator is your best bet. The device also comes with speakers producing realistic moaning sounds for extra stimulation and has a one-year warranty to cover all the mishaps that you might end up doing.


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Product Details

Manufacturer:X-Gen Products
Splash proofNo


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rating 5
Me & My Husband LOVE IT!
So far this has been both of our favorite purchase from this site! Everything we have bought is top notch! But this was just mind blowing from the start to the end! ;) There is so many creative ways for us both when it came to this product! Whether in the bedroom or shower! This real feel and massaging beads toy is a MUST HAVE! Plus it has a sexy moaning option for sound that just adds to the spice of it all! Thanks so much for this amazing product! We are IN LOVE WITH THIS!
rating 5
Great Product!
I was looking for a product that could be wall mounted for hands free pleasure while letting me penetrate fully. This product is perfect for me! It s not on the website, but penetrable length is 7 inches. The sensations are wonderful. Hands down and far away the best masturbator I ve used.