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Before doing anal sex, there are several things that must be kept in mind:

  •      Is the anal cavity free from any bacteria before and after the sex?
  •      Is the anal cavity clean of any fecal matter?
  •      Is the anal cavity properly lubed up for sex?


One must address these questions if they aspire to have clean and enjoyable anal sex. But how exactly do you ensure that? How can you ensure that your or your partner's anal cavity is clean and hygienic?


The answer: douches. Presenting one of the most important hygienic products of recent years. Douches are like hand-held pumps that one can use to either clean the anal cavity or lube it up. This helps in proper anal sex.


How to use douches?

Douches are very simple to use. In a clean container, boil some water to disinfect it. Use the pumping action of the douche to draw in the water. Sit on a chair or a "tampon-putting" position. Pump in the water using the douche after inserting about an inch inside. After you feel enough water has been pumped in, gently drain out by naturally ejecting the water.

Repeat it several times until you feel you're "clean" enough.


What are the types of douches? And what would we recommend?


There are various types of anal douches available in the market:

  •      Soft silicon douches
  •      Biosafe plastic douches
  •      Hard plastic douches


Depending on your style and comfort, you can choose to go for various types of anal douches. I'd recommend you to go for our biosafe douches that not only ensures you have a safe experience but also give you a rather pleasant sensation.


Now since you know all the ins and outs of douches, there's no point in delaying. Check out our handpicked collection of the most premium anal cleaning douches and you'll surely love what we have to offer. Just keep in mind, not to overuse douches. Ideally, you should not use it more than 4 times a day. This is due to the fact that douching actually cleans off all the good microorganisms that are present in your anal cavity. So use it wisely and you'll surely love the experience!