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Celebrity Molds

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

You'd be lying to yourself if you said you've never fantasized about having some spicy moments with your celebrity crush. Since time immemorial the male brain has been wired to sexually fetishize a female who's popular. Heck, it's not restricted to the latter's gender. You all have imagined making love with anyone and everyone famous. We aren't judging you one bit *wink wink*


So, here we are. Gives you the unique opportunity to experience what it feels to be "inside" your favorite celebrity crush. Now with our premium celebrity molds, you'll get to feel exactly how it feels to have sex with those A-Listers!


Now, imagine watching your favorite porn star onscreen while you use your porn star's pocket pussy to have that exact sensation. The thought is so arousing that you probably wouldn't be able to hold yourself before grabbing one right away!


What do you get buying a celebrity mold pussy?

This honestly shouldn't be a question. Celebrity molds are increasingly becoming popular for all the right reasons. So, what all reasons do you think are cranking up their popularity off the charts? Here are our top 3:


     Her exact tightness.

You get to experience the exact tightness of your favorite porn star. A vagina does not have unique stubs or ribs inside. Therefore, the sex toy experts came up with the groundbreaking idea of molding the vaginas of famous porn stars. Now you get to feel how tight your porn star is sitting on your home couches!


     Her moist, soft sensation.

It's not the 2000s that you'll use your dull hand with some oil to get off on a Saturday afternoon. Now, fill your afternoon sessions with our premium porn star pocket pussy. Just use a dab of any of your favorite lubricants and you can have a sensational experience. You'll experience how your favorite celebrity feels on the insides. You'll get to feel her soft, moist tenderness.


     Her own pussy mold.

Last but not least, you get to know how it feels to engage with a super hot pornstar with our pocket pussy porn star toys. These celebrity molds are made by literally molding the pussies of porn stars. They go through a tedious procedure so that you can experience what you've always wanted. This is a rare feeling that barely anyone around you might have experienced.


These are what we promise to give you. Nothing less than the pleasure only porn stars and their lucky partners get to experience!


With our repertoire of celebrity molds, you get to enjoy a wholesome experience where you not only get to have an ecstatic sensation with your porn star but also get to keep memorabilia that is made from her. Double win? Without a doubt.