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Standard Rings

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These toys are the unsung heroes of the sex world. They go by many names: cock rings, pleasure rings, c-rings, and penis rings. Whatever you call these lil pieces of beauty, they are one of the most incredible toys out there. A standard ring is exactly what it sounds like: A ring-shaped toy that you put around your penis to squeeze the shaft and trap the blood within the penis.


But then you would ask, are cock rings even effective? Is the hype worth it?


The billion-dollar sex toy industry will tell you, yes, the toy is worth it. Cock rings are true pieces of the invention that serves exactly what it promises. See to understand the working of a cock ring you need to understand how an erection works. Erection happens when blood flows into your penis and stays there. It’s not stagnant per se. However, the outflow of blood from the penis is lower when the erection kicks in. Now cock rings block the outflow of blood by constricting the veins present on the surface. This leads to more blood in the penis and hence a harder boner!


Furthermore, you can also have a prolonged duration since constricting the blood also decreases the sensation hence making your sex last longer.


How to use a cock ring?


Using a cock ring involves a very simple and straightforward procedure:

  •      Choose an appropriate cock ring
    Before using a cock ring, you need to choose one first. There are various types of rings available in the market and depending on your needs and taste, you can narrow down on one. If you ask me, I’d say your safest bet would be to try a simple silicon cock ring.

  •      Lube up your shaft and the cock ring
    Use a generous amount of lubricant over your shaft and cock ring. Gently slide the ring over your penis while it’s still flaccid or semi-erect. Once again, don’t fall short of lubricant as otherwise, you’ll end up hurting the skin.

  •      Make sure the ring fits snugly and remove carefully once flaccid.
    The cock ring must snugly fit at the base of your shaft. It must not slide nor create a dent around the shaft. Usually, you’ll see an enlarged size and a general redness due to the accumulation of blood. After the act, gently slides out the penis ring and wash it with soap.


With these 3 simple instructions, you’ll be able to unlock a whole new potential for your penis. There are also options of using bi-rings for cock and ball grip. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely enjoy the experience.