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Penis Ties

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Not many of us are fans of silicone cock rings. They not only feel tight on the cock but can also be rather uncomfortable to wear during the entire duration of sex. This was until penis ties came into the picture. With these adjustable ties, you can restrict the flow of blood more efficiently and not cause any kind of discomfort around your shaft.


How are penis ties different from cock rings?


Penis ties have a lot of distinguishing features that give them the much-needed edge over cock rings:

  •      Readjustable size making it “one-size-fits-all”
    The major problem with cock rings is that they are fixed size. So you can’t get yourself a bigger ring if that size doesn’t fit you. But with one penis tie, you can just re-adjust the diameter and have a snug fit no matter how thick/thin your boner is.

  •      Durable for long term use
    With the high tension stretching of cock rings, they tend to get more elastic and increases in size as time progresses. Most rings become too big to use after about 50-60 uses. This problem is totally avoided using penis ties. So you can have a more durable toy for the same, if not a lesser price.

  •      Provides the perfect amount of support for the balls
    The penis ties come with adjustable straps to incorporate the balls in the game. This helps not only in keeping the whole setup in place but also helps in supporting the balls. This isn’t found in cock rings that often constrict the balls, leading to a very uncomfortable feeling.


With these 3 points, I am sure you have understood the benefits of penis ties over cock rings. These ingenious strapping sex toys not only keep the whole setup in check but also ensures you have long-lasting pleasurable sex for years to come.


Furthermore, you will be spoilt with choices of vibrating penis ties as well. These penis ties come with a lil nugget at the top that gives multiple levels of pulsating vibrations. These vibrations are not only pleasurable to the man but are also highly stimulating to the female leading to multiple rounds of unfathomable pleasure! So stop waiting and get your tie right now!