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Anal Beads

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

There aren’t many toys in the market that can be used by males and females alike. Anal beads are one such unique toys that offer this feature. It can be used by anyone and the pleasure is equally amazing for everyone.


What are anal beads?


Anal beads are literally a row of beads connected to each other either by a flexible rod-like structure or a string and are used for anal stimulation. It differs from butt plug in the fact that you don’t really stuff the beads in and go around your day. Whereas, it is different from the likes of a dildo in a way that you don’t do the usual to-n-fro motion with these. With anal beads, you meet somewhere in the middle. The beads certainly stimulate the anal path through its increasing diameter however it's not moved vigorously or kept stagnant— you just slowly glide it within.


Can you use anal beads for vaginal masturbation?


No, Anal beads have been designed in a manner that gradually stretches the anal cavity as the beads enter. You will also find some vibrating anal beads that give you the extra sensation that’s sometimes needed to push you off the edge!


What precautions one must use before trying out an anal bead toy?


To be fairly honest, anal beads are one of the safest anal toys out there so you don’t really need to be very careful with handling them. But if you still want some tips, here are two for you:

Use lube

Lube up each bead, the connecting rods, and the anal walls as much as you can. There is nothing called “enough lube” so the more you use, the easier it is and the more pleasurable it will be

Do NOT stuff in all the beads in one go

Anal beads gradually increase in size as you travel down the length. Hence, they aren’t meant to be stuffed in one go inside the ass. Instead, take it slow and put em one-by-one. This will prevent any possibility of an injury and also make the experience way more pleasing than otherwise.


What type of anal beads is right for you?


There are various types of beads available in the market. But you must be wary of what you choose. My advice to you would be to opt for high-quality flexible beads made up of non-porous bio-safe materials. If you’re in doubt you can check our collection.


Each of our anal bead toys is handpicked by a team of experts so you will only get the best and most trusted collection here. Go ahead and spoil yourself in our store!