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Vibrating Dildos

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Dildos are women’s best friends. No matter how sour the mood is, a session with your favorite dildo can cheer the toughest of you. It is the most perfectly shaped piece of toy that can give you some nerve-wracking moments of pleasure. Now imagine the same dildo but with an added feature of intense vibration! Yes, that’s something I bet you’d crave.


We are proud to showcase some of our finest sex toys in the vibrating dildos category. These toys are known to cause toe-curling orgasms every time you use them. The fact that these vibrating dildos are one of the best-selling products in the market, shows just how effective they are. With just one google search you’ll come across thousands of online reviews and real testimonies clarifying how amazing these products have been. Users from all across the globe have complimented this genius combination of a dildo and a vibrator.


What are some features you should consider before buying a vibrating dildo?


Before buying a vibrating dildo, you should keep the following points in mind:

  •      The size of the toy
    Unless you’re really experienced with bigger sizes, we’d advise you to restrict yourself to phallic or smaller sizes when it comes to vibrating dildos.

  •      The shape and texture of the toy
    Most beginners are advised to opt for dildos that don’t have any unnatural extrusions. Even though it could be a turn-on for many but if you’re just testing the waters for now avoid such experiments with your first few ones.

  •      Intensity of vibration
    Some girls like subtle vibrations on their privates while some prefer strong pulsating ones. So be wary of the toy’s highest and lowest settings while purchasing one.

  •      Rhythms of vibration
    Check for what kind of rhythms your toy offers. Some toys offer varying pulses while some go for a single setting of buzzing. Whatever be it, check according to your needs and desires.


Once you follow this checklist, you’ll have a rough idea of what kind of vibrating dildo would be the best for you. Mind you, don’t hesitate to experiment and keep yourself constantly updated with the newest trends in the world of sex toys!