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Realistic Dildos

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Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items

Not everyone likes those smooth banana-shaped dildos out there that look like sausages. If you’re like me, you’d love to see dildos that resemble the penis. We love the veins, the texture, the girth, and the feeling a realistic dildo brings with itself. It finally feels closest to what you’d get in bed.


Therefore, if you’re like us, check out our realistic dildo category where we bring to you some of the best dildos that resemble a fully grown penis. Their dildos not only look like those ideal pornstar penises but also feel the same.


What are the benefits of buying a realistic dildo over a normal one?


Most dildos you’d come across in the market look like toys that kids play with. They are not only silly to look at but can be rather boring in bed. Sex is supposed to feel as natural as possible and the toys are supposed to emulate that natural sensation. Here are a few points where I think realistic dildos win over the normal ones found in the market:


  •      The sensation of a real penis
    There is no way one could ignore how a real penis feels. It's a sensation that nothing can really beat. If you’re a fan of real sex (which I’m sure you are) you will definitely enjoy pleasing yourself with a phallic dildo than those silly-looking toys.

  •      Easy to clean and store
    Our realistic dildos are made of premium products hence they are bio-safe. This in turn reduces the hassle of cleaning and hygienic storage. Most dildos out there are made up of plastic or some other porous material making them a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

  •      Helps in keeping “realistic expectations” during the main act
    Most girls who use normal dildos are unsatisfied in bed. This is due to the fact that these dildos are designed to hit uneven spots that normal sex misses out on. Sure it is a good thing but this trains your body to only react to such penetrations and therefore you miss out on orgasm while having sex. Therefore if you still want to enjoy having sex in bed, realistic dildos are your best bet.


With these points in mind, I’m sure you have already made up your mind to buy some of our most realistic dildos. These toys will not only help you ramp up your solo masturbation sessions but also make sure you enjoy equally in bed by not setting any false expectations.


So come in here and find yourself the dildo you’ve been craving for. Trust me, orgasms will never be the same again!