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Glass Dildos

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items

We know you treat your sex toys as objects of desire. For you, dildos aren’t only for pleasing your holes but also objects that you can put up on your rack as display items. For the connoisseurs amongst us, this category will surely take your breath away.


We are proud to present the category of glass dildos. These dildos are made up of either transparent crystal clear glass or frosted smooth glass. With a smoothened finish and a never-ending shine, glass dildos have remained a thing of beauty for decades. Hence, these are not only great items to own but also phenomenal gifts for your partners.


Why are glass dildos better than your average normal ones?


There are a thousand reasons why glass dildos are better than your everyday normal ones. Here are a few of my head:

  •      Ornamental designs
    Glass dildos are a beauty in themselves. Not only do they look extremely elegant and pretty but the clear glass ones look like they belong in a world of their own. Absolutely magnificent!

  •      One of the safest materials for use
    Glass is non-porous and hence the chances of bacteria growing on it are the least. Glass is thus one of the safest materials that can be used to make dildos. So if you want to have infection-free sessions, glass dildos could be your best bet.

  •      Sensationally smooth
    The glass dildos tend to be exceptionally smooth, only ones at par with metal in this aspect. Therefore, throw away your lubes and enjoy some smooth luscious moments in bed!

  •      Perfect gift material
    Glass dildos could be your most perfect gift material. They not only stand out from all those other varieties of dildos but also gives an insane amount of pleasure in bed. So if you’re looking for the most wholesome gift for your loved one, glass dildos are your best bet.


Glass dildos, as I said, is a thing of beauty. Not everyone will understand its elegance but those who do will certainly appreciate every single bit. It has its own glamour and beauty. So check out our rich collection of glass dildos and order one for yourself right now. The only regret you’ll have is not buying one earlier.