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Penis Pumps

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Why Penis Pumps Are Becoming More Popular

Penis pumps are becoming more popular, especially among men over 40. Several reasons for this include that pumps are less invasive than other options like surgery. As well as cock pumps can be used in the privacy of your home. Additionally, cock pumps have shown to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction and increasing penile size. 

What is a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps, Cock pumps, or vacuum erection devices are a tool that helps with erectile dysfunction. A penis pump removes the air from the camber that a penis is in to encourage the user's blood to be drawn into the member, causing an erection. 

Penis pumps can also increase the user's penis size when used on a daily routine. This increase is not permanent; the penis will return to its original size once the user stops the routine.


Twice Tonight, and the employees are not doctors. This information is a basic definition and instruction for using a penis pump and is not in any form of medical advice. Please discuss any health-related concerns with your doctor for proper medical advice or treatment.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps are prescribed to users by doctors to help with ED temporarily. Penis pumps are not a permanent fix for ED in any way. 

When used properly, a penis pump can help the user to achieve an erection. 

Cock pumps can help temporarily increase the size of the user's erection.

How Do You Use A Penis Pump?

When a flaccid penis is inserted into the cock pump, the user must hold the device against their body to ensure a complete seal against the pubic area. The user may need to trim their pubic hair to prevent an air leak in the seal.

Once a seal is established, the user pumps the air out with either a hand pump, electric pump, or water to displace the air to create a vacuum that draws blood into the user's penis. Drawing blood into the penis causes an erection and oxygenates the penile tissue.

If a cock ring is used while pumping, the penis will stay erect after the vacuum is released. 

When Using A Penis Pump, Does It Hurt?

No, at no time should a user experience any pain while using a penis pump. If the user experiences any form of pain or discomfort, immediately cease utilizing the cock pump and address the pain with a medical professional.

Should I Use A Penis Pump?

We recommend seeking medical advice before using a penis pump. Improper use of a pump could lead to severe issues.