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Zolo Thrustbuster

  • 4 Thrusting modes
  • Mimics the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina
  • Grip handle for one-handed use
  • Built-in erotic audio for added stimulation

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Product Description

Are you tired of using the same ol' fleshlight and want something new to get off to? You've come to the right page. Presenting Zolo thrustbusters, a one-of-a-kind male sex toy that uses powerful yet sensitive motors to cause a thrusting motion emulating the in-n-out motion of the intercourse as accurately as ever.


So throw away your toys where you've to physically masturbate, leading to exhaustion and boredom, and welcome our premium Zolo thrustbuster moaning masturbator to give you the pleasure you've been craving for.


Why should you buy the Zolo thrustbusters?


There are innumerable reasons why you should buy the new Zolo thrustbuster. Here are a few pointers that will help you make a decision:


  •      Zolo thrustbusters provide four amazing thrusting motions.

With vibrating motors and physical movements, the Zolo thrustbuster moaning vibrator delivers powerful thrusts that feel like you're having intercourse with your partner. The upgraded version uses a more advanced algorithm to make the thrusting feel more natural as opposed to the usual to-n-fro motion found in other toys.


  •      Sleek design with a compact, lightweight body

Gone are the days when you needed to carry a bulky bag of sex toys everywhere you went. Now with this toy, you can carry it anywhere you want in your travel backpack and not feel a feather. It also comes with this one soft padded travel pack. Perfect for travelers seeking pleasure on the go.


  •      Ergonomic structure allowing single-hand usage.

With its upgraded form, you can easily use the thrustbuster with a single hand. This is very helpful when you're engaged with your partner or need the other hand for anal pleasures.


  •      Realistic visualization and ribbed textures

Most male sex toys resemble nothing like the female's privates. Unlike realistic dildos that look like penises, male sex toys have no such perks. However, Zolo thrustbuster traversed the extra length to look like the privates of a female. Equipped with silicone labia, clitoris and realistic holes, the user can now have a better imagination.

Furthermore, the inner walls are ribbed with textures that feel like the inside of a vagina.


  •      Power-packed battery giving 1 hour of usage

With a powerful battery, you can now enjoy your session with over an hour of playtime. It requires a short charge of only 3.5 hours before it again fires up and helps you reach your toe-curling moments.


  •      High fidelity speakers for audio support

You can now get a wholesome experience with moans and auditory encouragement with high-fidelity speakers. Complete package, eh?


  •      One year warranty

Zolo thrustbusters come with a full year's warranty so that you can use the toy as you like. Do follow the instruction manual, and you'll be taken care of.


So here you have a powerful sex toy that can deliver the exact sensation of sex without any hassle and comes with a full year's warranty. Zolo thrustbuster moaning vibrator is an incredibly popular male sex toy for all the right reasons.

Product Details

Manufacturer:X-Gen Products
Splash proofNo


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rating 5
Thrust Away!
Bought this on a whim because of a discount and am very pleased with it. When the wife is away, this bad boy joins the party. Very happy with this purchase.