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  • Dynamic thrusting, vibrating, and gyrating
  • Internal heating function, and vibrating bullet tip
  • 7 incredible patterns
  • Rechargeable
  • Clear cap for travel and storage

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Product Description

The Anal Fantasy Elite Collection Gyrating Ass Thruster Black from Pipedream Products is a powerful and compact sex toy that offers a dynamic and exciting intimate experience. With its powerful thrusting, vibrating, and gyrating action, this toy is designed to provide incredible personal pleasure.

One of the standout features of the Gyrating Ass Thruster is its compact design. Created for effortless handheld satisfaction, this toy is easy to use and maneuver. It also comes with a clear cap for travel and storage, which offers hygienic protection and convenience.

The Gyrating Ass Thruster is also USB rechargeable, with a magnetic charging plug that makes it easy to charge and ready to use whenever you are. This toy offers hours of enjoyment, making it a great choice for those who want to explore their sexuality and experience new levels of pleasure.

One of the most exciting features of the Gyrating Ass Thruster is its internal heat function. This function warms the shaft up to a comfortable 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a warm and inviting sensation that enhances the overall experience.

The Gyrating Ass Thruster also features a powerful vibrating bullet at the tip, which adds to the overall pleasure and stimulation. The strong thrusting/gyrating piston is powered by a rechargeable motor, which provides a powerful and intense experience.

Operating the Gyrating Ass Thruster is easy and straightforward. The toy is rechargeable via the included USB cord, and the multi-function button and heat button can be used separately or simultaneously. To turn on the thrusting, vibration, and gyration power, simply press and hold the button. Press again to cycle through the 7 patterns of vibration, and press and hold to turn off. To turn on the temperature power, press and hold the button, and press and hold again to turn off.

Cleaning up after using the Gyrating Ass Thruster is also easy. Simply use Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water to clean the toy, and store it in the clear cap for hygienic travel and storage.

Overall, the Gyrating Ass Thruster is a fantastic choice for those who want to explore their sexuality and experience new levels of pleasure. Whether you're looking for a powerful and intense experience or a warm and inviting sensation, this toy has something to offer. It's also a great choice for those who want a compact and easy-to-use toy that's ready whenever they are.


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rating 2.5
Ok product.
Not such a great toy. Dificukt to use and only has one twirling speed which is AGRESSIVE. It hurts more than anything. Maybe more like a two star product ar best.
rating 2
Definitely not waterproof
Can't really review as during our first play session we inadvertently dropped it into the bath water. Only submerged a few seconds but long enough to stop working.
rating 4
WARNING- Its A Damn Beast
It feels like a hot power drill drilling up your ass, hitting everything, prostate, tail bone, colon etc; Its loud, powerful and wrecks havoc inside your rectum as it powerfully sways, twirls, twist, and thrusts in and out, out of control. You’ll be on your toes from the beginning to end as the first setting starts out like a shotgun blast up your rectum so be warned. It heats up very fast and has a cool little white light in a flame symbol that can guide your fingers to the control buttons in the dark. Its large enough and sinks deep inside quickly due to its shape. It obviously has a huge powerful motor inside its base bigger than regular prostate massagers in order for this beast to do all of this damage. Treat and prepare for this device like a full size Himsmith Sex machine, and not like a prostate massager, otherwise it will empty your guts of everything you ate within the last year.
rating 4
rating 4
Initially I was scared to have this toy back there, but after a few tries I got more comfortable and relaxed in having the toy there and it became really enjoyable. I think this is one of the best toys in my toy box. This one in combination with the satisfyer (pink toy) is the best. (The saysfyer is also for sale on Twice Tonight)
rating 4
Does this thing hit all the spots! Love the heating feature as well. Tiny bit noisy but worth it!!
rating 4
Lots of features and power in a small package.
The size of the package may initially disappoint you, but its contents will not. This thing has a surprising amount of power and many more features than your average toy. The whole device is not overly large but a perfect size where the action happens. It was well worth the purchase, the shipping was fast and very discrete. It was my first purchase with twice tonight and I am very happy.
rating 4
goes well and performs
rating 4
Great toy
Wow what a toy. Hits all the right spots, and the adjustable speeds make it great for changing things up as you go.