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We-Vibe Vector

  • Dual Motors
  • P-spot Stimulation 
  • Remote Controlled
  • Flexible And Adjusts To Your Body
  • Connectable To The We-Connect APP
  • Share Control Or Make Custom Vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof 
  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone

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Average rating: 4.5/5 Number of reviews: 30


Product Description

Experience the Next Level of Pleasure with Vector Prostate Massager

If you're looking for the ultimate prostate massager that can take your pleasure to the next level, look no further than Vector. This innovative device is designed to provide rumbling vibrations that target both the prostate and the perineum, delivering epic pleasure and total comfort.

One of the key features of Vector is its flexibility and adjustability. This device is designed to fit your body perfectly, so you can find the right fit and hit all the right spots. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Vector is customizable to your needs and preferences.

Vector's two motors work together to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum with rumbling vibrations and gentle pressure. This dual-action design ensures that you get the most intense and satisfying experience possible, with maximum pleasure and minimal discomfort.

What sets Vector apart from other prostate massagers is its collaboration with leading prostate experts. Every aspect of this device was designed with the human body in mind, ensuring your total comfort, safety, and pleasure. Whether you're using Vector alone or with a partner, you can trust that it's been designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

One of the most exciting features of Vector is its easy-to-use wireless remote and free We-Connect™ app. With these tools, you can change the intensity and vibration modes in the moment, creating custom vibes and playing together with other We-Vibe® products. This level of control and customization is unmatched in the world of prostate massagers, making Vector a must-have for anyone looking to take their pleasure to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, Vector is the ultimate prostate massager for anyone looking to experience the next level of pleasure. With its flexible design, dual-action motors, and customizable controls, Vector is the perfect device for anyone looking to explore their body and discover new levels of pleasure. So why wait? Try Vector today and experience the ultimate in prostate massagers!

Product Details

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rating 4.5
Works well, hooks up to phone with an app to make things even better.
rating 4.5
Finally guys have something to use too!
The reason that I have tried this, is because I have been jealous that girls have all the good toys. Now finally have something different they can us too! Takes a little bit of practice to learn how to use and what feels best. But when you do its very fun. The only issue I have is connectivity to my phone. The range isn't very good.
rating 4.5
Took a few tries to find the right angles but once I did it became a whole new ride
rating 4.5
I like it
First prostate massager toy I ever purchased and owned. Easy to use, I would recommend it for beginners like me
rating 4.5
Solid toy
Great toy absolutely hits the right spot and made me cum a fountain!!! The app on phone is iffy at best works best with remote!!!
rating 4.5
hum hum
Love how quiet it is
rating 4.5
Fun together and apart
This is fun for him and a great way to extend the intimate connection when you're apart.
rating 4.5
New experiences
I got this for my husband as a holiday gift. We had been wanting to explore prostate orgasms and this had good review plus we like we-vibe products. It did not disappoint! He had multiple insane orgasms, like he s never had before. He s happy to experience new pleasures and I m happy to see him enjoy the experience. Everyone is happy! Good investment and would highly recommend
rating 4.5
Deep Intense Feeling
Feels amazing! Lots of variation in the controls. 2 different motors - one on the external arm, and one on the internal massager. Great shape, easy for beginners to slip inside. Some complain about controls, but we haven't had issues (as long as your phone doesn't go into sleep mode - you will want to change that setting). Such intense feelings and stronger orgasms - my wife loves watching the dual pleasure while I'm inside. Strongly recommend.
rating 4.5
rating 4.5
Fun toy for first time p massage
rating 4.5
Another WeVibe gem
Bought this to venture into anal play and reciprocate with the wife. Definitely a new ventured area. As to be expected it takes some time and delicate touch to get going. Once in use through its fantastic and enjoyable by all as the vibrations can be felt through and up to my member for my wife to enjoy as well.
rating 4.5
Thoroughly pleased with this one. Strong vibes and good quality
rating 4.5
Looking forward to the next time we use it!
Used this on my husband only once since we bought it but when we used it, it kept him hard even after his first orgasm (and that was on the lowest setting), so we were able to extend our lovemaking session much longer. It was a bit difficult to adjust to in certain positions though, but all-in-all, he said it was a great sensation. Looking forward to the next time we use it!
rating 4.5
Finally found my prostate
I love this product. I have purchased other prostate stimulators in the past but they never seemed to hit the sweet spot. This product is amazing because it allows you to bend the insert vibe so you can adjust to find exactly where your prostate is located. Once I found the right spot my tows curled and I was finally able to experience a prostate orgasm. I highly recommend this product, you won't be disappointed.
rating 4.5
This is my first toy but I never orgasmed so hard.
rating 4.5
Love we vibe
This is my first we vibe toy and I love it. The material is smooth and soft, the magnetic charger is super useful and I love the ability to connect to the app
rating 4.5
Fun :)
Great sensations. Nice feature to adjust angle for a custom fit......keep the toys coming
rating 4.5
Amazing orgasm
It was explosive. Felt like a huge wave and release of energy. Can t wait to try again.
rating 4.5
Surprisingly fun
First time using prostate massager and like I said surprisingly fun.
rating 4.5
exceeded my expectations!!!!Speedy delivery!!! Thank You!!!!
rating 4.5
The title says it all. My first p massager. Every man should have one of these they are that great. Will definitely introduce it in the bedroom soon can t wait for the wife to control it for me. Highly recommend this to anyone looking. Don t knock it till you try it.
rating 4.5
Must have
Can't believe I waited so long to buy it. The wife and I enjoy it nice fit and good feel
rating 4.5
Love it
I ve only been using sex toys for a year now, but I gotta say that this is one of my favourites that I own. Would definitely recommend it!
rating 4.5
The toy feels soft and smooth like all silicne toys. The dual motors are powerful and let you feel the vibrations. If you tried a vibrating butt plug or a vibrator for anal play before and were disspointed, this is nothing like it. It stimulate the prostate in a way that is really satisfying. The app is the best part. I will never use the included remote. It notmonly let you select the exact vibrations you want with a visual aid, it let you control the instensity of each motor, create your own pattern, create your own series of pattern, use your phones music or ambient sounds to control vibration, use your touch screen to control vibration (that feature is a little lacking though) and do remote play with a partner (haven t had an opportunity to try that one yet. This immediately became on my favorite toys.
rating 4.5
Great Product! Just didn't hit my P-spot,
This product just significantly intensified my orgasms! It might be hard to put in (just use ALOT of water based lube). For me, it didn't target the right spot. It just went crazy targeting everywhere equally. Regardless, I would really recommend.
rating 4.5
awesome toy
I love this toy. Wet orgasm everytime. I used it everywhere
rating 4.5
Wife surprised me with this and have to say it felt amazing
rating 4.5
Great toy
I really enjoy this toy and believe it is a high quality item. I would not say it is entirely handsfree (that being very dependent on the individual person) but it has surprisingly good powerful vibrations and with some edging you will achieve strong prostate orgasms reliably. Would buy again. From my research, this toy, as well as the Lovesense Edge 2 and Leo Hugo are the 3 kings of the prostate vibe plug market.
rating 4.5
good product
good product