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Silicone Anal Stud

  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Suction Cup Base
  • Harness Compatible

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Average rating: 4.5/5 Number of reviews: 30


Product Description

The Silicone Anal Stud probe is the perfect toy for those who want to indulge in their wildest fantasies. This durable and pliable contoured probe is designed for intimate anal exploration, making it ideal for both first-time and experienced users. The premium quality penis-shaped anal probe is easy to use and has a satin finish that feels smooth and luxurious against the skin.

The probe has a virtually seamless contoured shape, with a uniquely curved pleasure ridged head that is perfect for stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in the anal area. The sturdy suction cup base ensures that the probe stays securely in place during play, allowing you to enjoy intense orgasmic sensations without worrying about the toy slipping or moving around.

Using the Silicone Anal Stud probe is incredibly easy. Simply attach the suction cup base to any smooth, clean, and dry surface, and get ready to experience heightened pleasure and sensitivity. For even more intense sensations, it is recommended that you use a quality lubricant with this toy. This will help to reduce friction and make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the best things about the Silicone Anal Stud probe is that it allows you to let your imagination run wild. Whether you want to use it for solo stimulation or share the sweet spot pleasure with your lover, this toy is perfect for experimental secret fantasy play. The contoured shape and curved head make it easy to explore different angles and positions, allowing you to discover new levels of pleasure and excitement.

When you're finished using the Silicone Anal Stud probe, it's important to clean it properly to ensure that it stays in good condition. Simply wash it with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray before and after use, and store it in a cool, dry place. With proper care, this toy will last for years and provide you with countless hours of pleasure and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Silicone Anal Stud probe is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore their wildest fantasies and experience intense orgasmic sensations. With its durable and pliable contoured design, premium quality materials, and sturdy suction cup base, this toy is perfect for both first-time and experienced users. So why wait? Indulge your wildest fantasies today and experience the ultimate in anal exploration and pleasure!

Product Details

Width:1.75 in.
Insertable Length5.5 in.
Manufacturer:California exotic novelties


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rating 4.5
So hubby loved this one. It got him open really good and I was able to use it to get him going with some oral pleasure. He definitely said he LOVED IT and was really grateful that I purchased it.
rating 4.5
great toy for women aswell
I know this toy is probably marketed for men but as a woman, it feels good for anal play, definitely different from what im use to, but in a good way. the double bulb shape makes it interesting to use.
rating 4.5
feels great
feels good for anal solo play. Even better when i mix it with clit vaginal play all together.
rating 4.5
Vaginal plug
This is a very firm dildo. I bought this because I wanted a small dildo with and this one will also stimulate the G-Spot.I personally prefer to use more as a vaginal plug while I use a pulsator, instead of thrusting it. But to each their own. There s not a lot of room for a pulsator because of the suction cup, which works, but I can make it work. If you re looking for your first dildo, for a low price, that also has a G-Spot bump , I definitely recommend it. I am very happy I bought mine.
rating 4.5
Firm and enjoyable
Firm at first, but lovely when I got use to it. Suction cup really holding on !
rating 4.5
feels great
i am in love with anal stud
rating 4.5
Really nice feel! Easy to clean! Partner and I both enjoy!
rating 4.5
Great feeling
Excellent size and feel, almost silky feeling. Great suction for a little hands free play in the shower too
rating 4.5
A Simple Toy That Does Good
I'm newer to prostate play, and the first toy I got for it was just not doing it due to shape and lack of a handle. But this toy doesn't have those issues. The length is great to really get a feel for the toy while in use. The shape adds a lot of different texture and stretching that is appreciable as you go over the bulges. And the suction base is firm enough to be a good handle, wide enough to be a good stopping point, and a strong enough suction for some real fun. For someone getting into prostate play and not sure on investing into one that vibrates or anything fancy, this has been great.
rating 4.5
Filling comfort
Great length, girth material and suction.
rating 4.5
Nice for starters
Bought this and thought ti might be a little larger. But it turns out it's perfect for starting up and warming up my butt before moving on to larger sizes.
rating 4.5
Amazingly perfect
Smooth texture, fits perfectly.
rating 4.5
Feels great
I bought this toy thinking it would be on the smaller side, but it was the perfect size. Great for regular play.
rating 4.5
Great Plug
Great all around plug. Has good girth, the suction cup works well which allows you to ride it and grind on it hard, a few ribs for added pleasure is nice. This stud feels good inside you and offers the sensation of a real cock. Just enough flex. to hit that G spot. Nice realistic head allows for easy penetration. Probably best suited for those who are intermediate to experienced with anal play.
rating 4.5
Amazing shape
Feels amazing for what it's made for
rating 4.5
Really nice quality
Super silky smooth texture! The suction cup on this is also very strong. Attached to a shower wall or other smooth surface it takes a lot of force to remove. I like the second bulb and the length and girth is nice. Not too big, not too small.
rating 4.5
Best massage
Makes sex and masturbation so much more stimulating.
rating 4.5
I purchased this as a beginner and still today it s my favorite toy. Can be used as a warm up or the main event. Touches all the hot buttons for me.
rating 4.5
Wife like. Recommended.
rating 4.5
Hits the spot just right. Mind blowing!!!
rating 4.5
The Go To!
Amazing feeling with the perfect girth. Has an awesome suction base!
rating 4.5
very smooth, easy to use
This toy is really nice for beginners. It's smooth and just flexible enough that you can use it from whatever angle makes sense for you. Do recommend.
rating 4.5
Good fit. Nice texture, good size
rating 4.5
Great for warming up
Great little dildo for warming up for anal
rating 4.5
Baby steps
After using the trainer kit. This definitely got her ready for this. Next stop.. the real thing!
rating 4.5
It does what you d expect
It s a good size for me, not too overwhelming. Easy to clean. Silicone is great.
rating 4.5
This toy was a just perfect to use. The only negative thing i have to say is that the suction may not be as good as it could be.
rating 4.5
On the small side but it's smooth, silky, and wonderful for anal.
rating 4.5
Best plug
I used to have one and got rid of it, been searching site after site and finally found it here to get another. Super comfortable, big..so you feel the sensation if you are going about your day to day using it. Highly recommend!
rating 4.5
Great feeling
Nice size, smooth, good succion for base, I was surprised of the feeling for me who begin with anal.