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Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant 4.25oz

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant 4.25oz View larger
  • Anal Desensitizer 
  • For Anal Play
  • Lidocaine For Light Numbing Effect

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Product Description

Reward Them with a Little Understanding: The Benefits of Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer

Anal play can be a thrilling and intimate experience for couples, but it can also be a source of discomfort and pain if not approached with care and sensitivity. That's where Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer comes in - a specially formulated liquid that helps ease the potential discomfort associated with anal play, allowing couples to explore their desires with greater ease and comfort.

Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer is a silken liquid that glides on seamlessly, creating a light numbing effect that helps keep your partner comfortable and relaxed during anal play. The active ingredient in Ass Relax is Lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic that is commonly used in medical procedures to numb the skin and reduce pain.

When applied to the anus, Ass Relax works quickly to reduce sensitivity and create a more comfortable and pleasurable experience for both partners. The numbing effect is gentle and subtle, allowing couples to enjoy the sensations of anal play without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

One of the key benefits of Ass Relax is that it helps couples to master their pleasure. By reducing discomfort and increasing comfort, couples can explore new positions and techniques that they may not have been able to try before. This can lead to a deeper sense of intimacy and connection between partners, as they explore new ways to pleasure each other and deepen their sexual experiences.

Ass Relax is also incredibly easy to use. Simply apply a small amount of the liquid to the anus and wait a few minutes for the numbing effect to take hold. Then, you and your partner can begin to explore each other's bodies with greater ease and comfort.

Of course, it's important to remember that Ass Relax is not a substitute for communication and consent. It's important to talk openly with your partner about your desires and boundaries, and to always respect each other's wishes and comfort levels. Ass Relax is simply a tool that can help couples to explore their desires with greater ease and comfort.

In addition to its practical benefits, Ass Relax can also be a source of pleasure in and of itself. The silky texture of the liquid feels luxurious and sensual on the skin, and the gentle numbing effect can create a unique and exciting sensation that adds to the overall pleasure of anal play.

Overall, Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer is a valuable tool for couples who want to explore the pleasures of anal play with greater ease and comfort. By reducing discomfort and increasing pleasure, Ass Relax can help couples to deepen their intimacy and connection, and to explore new ways to pleasure each other. So why not reward your partner with a little understanding, and try Ass Relax today?

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Manufacturer:XR Brands


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rating 2.5
It worked. It wasn't my butt. It was ...
It worked. It wasn't my butt. It was my girlfriend's butt. But it kinda worked on my dick too, so be careful. Now please get this off my review page!
rating 4
Perfect lubricant to use. Not sticky at all.
rating 5
Perfect amount of desensitizing
Slick and not sticky. We chose this one particularly because it was a lower percent desensitizing. For us, it's important to not desensitize too much. We both want to feel the action. This just helps get past the mild discomfort in the beginning
rating 4.5
Good for vaginal also
I love this lube. I have a bladder disease along with endometriosis so most of the time it is very painful for me to have sex. Most Lubes I have used burn me so badly due to inflammation. This lube does not burn me and helps greatly for pain. Also it is a bit sticky other reviews say it’s not but it definitely is have a wet towel on stand by to wipe your hands lol
rating 4.5
Perfection !!!
rating 5
At long last a product that does what we expected. Dulls the senses and lasts longer than our other products.
rating 4
I used this along with Tushy Tamer by Pipedreams. I cannot say for sure if either would work on their own, but the combination definitely does! I used both because this one has lidocaine and the other has benzocaine. Certainly the perfect amount of numbing. Everything slid right in no problem with no resistance and the result was nothing but pleasure.