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Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant 4oz

Jelle Anal Lubricant 4oz View larger
  • Anal Gel
  • Water-Based
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty Free PETA Certified
  • Clinically Tested Hypoallergenic 

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Product Description

Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel is a personal lubricant that is designed to enhance the experience of anal play. The product comes in a sleek, non-graphic black tube that is discreet and easy to use. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is a line of personal lubricants and enhancers that are completely vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified. The collection was developed exclusively for the company by skincare industry veteran Carrie Smith, who has years of experience in creating high-quality personal care products.

One of the standout features of the Wicked Sensual Care Collection is that all of the products are water-based and Paraben-free. This means that they are gentle on the skin and safe to use for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, the products are clinically tested as hypoallergenic, which means that they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other personal lubricants on the market.

The Jelle Anal Lubricant is specifically designed to address the unique needs of anal play. This product is formulated to provide long-lasting lubrication that is both smooth and silky. The gel-like consistency of the lubricant makes it easy to apply and provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners.

One of the benefits of using Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel is that it is completely glycerin-free and pH balanced. Glycerin is a common ingredient in many personal lubricants, but it can cause irritation and discomfort for some people. By eliminating glycerin from the formula, Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel is able to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for users.

Clean-up is also easy with Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel. Simply rinse with water and the product will easily wash away. This makes it a convenient and hassle-free option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a personal lubricant without having to worry about a difficult clean-up process.

Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel is made in the USA and is available from Wicked Pictures Adult Products. The product comes in a 4-ounce tube, which is enough for multiple uses. Whether you are new to anal play or are an experienced user, Wicked Jelle Unscented Anal Gel is a great option for anyone who wants to enhance their experience and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Product Details

Manufacturer:Wicked Lubes


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rating 2.5
Disappointing, but serviceable.
I purchased this product at the recommendation of an influencer (notably, not a sexual health/wellness influencer), and it did not meet the expectations they set for it. If you've used water-based jelly lubricants (KY, generic, etc.), you already know what to expect. It's gooey, it's sticky, tastes weird, and dries out quickly (though not nearly as quickly as more dilute water-based lubes). At a premium price this product doesn't offer much that the competition doesn't. This is marketed as hypoallergenic, but I've never had a reaction to a personal lubricant, so I can't comment as to how this will work for people who have. The texture, feel, glide, etc. is effectively identical to the competition, as is the longevity. The taste is... different, and not good. It doesn't have as much of the chemical sweetness, which is good, but the taste that is there is much harsher, and more reminiscent of like a mild soapy taste. For use cases where a water-based lubricant is necessary for safety (while using condoms, or where risk of a yeast infection is present, etc.) a product like this one is, in my opinion, ideal, but there are cheaper alternatives (check your local DG, near the feminine hygiene products). I would absolutely recommend this product over a silicone-based lubricant, or one that contains any anesthetic (especially for anal play, you do not want to dull your sense of pain, because it is there to protect you). However, for any other case, I much prefer extra-virgin coconut oil. It has a potent aroma, but is tasteless, doesn't dry out, and is just as, if not more slick than water-based. If you have sensitivities to common additives, or have had reactions from personal lubricants in the past, your mileage may vary, but otherwise, I feel like the premium price of this product really just goes into the black ink on the bottle (the marketing).
rating 2.5
It works but not what I wanted
rating 5
By far the product I have gotten!!! Wellllllll worth the money!!! Highly recommend!
rating 5
There IS a difference!
All I can say is before this lube, my girl and I weren't having anal. It's now our favorite!
rating 4.5
Works like a charm
Will buy again
rating 5
My favorite
This is by far my favorite thick lube, it just sticks were you want it. No flavor or smell, lasts forever and a little goes a long ;) way.
rating 4
Su color
Fácil de usar
rating 5
Great Glide
Works well, and it allows moisture to make it glide like a fresh application.
rating 4
Best butt lube
My "lining" is rather sensitive and many water-based lubes that I use ended up burning my ass. Not Jelle. It is the perfect lube for me to jam a girthy 10-inch on the first try.
rating 5
Good for both
We recently started experimenting. We (f31 &m28) just started reaching out of our comfort zones after almost 9 years together and a super dry spell. We were plain Jane, no real toys, no back door stuff, etc. Now we have several toys, a few of which need lube. We used this for him for the first time of using his bigger toy and it lasted as long as what he did and it was used for me and my rather large toy (vaginally) and it was great for that too. Had a natural feel (I don’t like most lube) and was fairly easy to clean off the toys and bodies both. A little goes a long way, too, so I think it’ll last a decent amount of time.
rating 4.5
Best anal lube I've ever used. Very thick, stays on toys (and my fianc ) very well, doesn't drip off like a thinner lube would, so I have to use a lot less to get the same (or better) effect. Since it's water based it cleans up very easily, but it doesn't get sticky or tacky at all. Would recommend.
rating 4.5
Great product!
I never write reviews but I'm so happy with this lube that I just had to share!The key to amazing anal anything is lube, lube, lube! Trust me, you can't have enough. I really like that this lube stays where you put it; it doesn't run and it last a long time so a little goes a long way. I'm sensitive to anything silicon-based, so the fact that this is water-based is a huge plus for me! And it's glycerin and paraben free!Buy it, you won't be disappointed!
rating 4.5
Is As described
Works well. Not too jelly and not bad for clean up no burning as well
rating 4.5
A bit sticky
Coats things well but does seem a bit sticky to clean up... although it does seem thick enough and doesn't cause irritation. Most things irritate me, even some organic kinds!
rating 4.5
Love this lube!!!
It's thick enough it stays when applied but it doesn't feel sloppy and gross like some other jelly like lubes.
rating 4.5
Best Ever
This is by far the best lube I have found. It works amazing. It definitely stays where you put it and works great. I will not bother looking for a different kind.
rating 4.5
Awesome lube
Worked great, used it with some nice vibrators and it just has a good feel. The girlfriend loved it.
rating 4.5
Don't buy cheap stuff. Buy this... Very good quality and not pain with the help of this. Cleans easy and no stickiness or nastiness as with others. Highly recommend.
rating 4.5
great lube
It has staying power. Lasts a long time before more is needed. Doesn't run all over. Water based is a big bonus, no worries with most toys.
rating 4.5
Its stays where you put it. Doesnt leak a l over before playtime even starts. Gonna be a regular product in my shopping cart
rating 4.5
Liked it didn't turn to glue mid way through
rating 4.5
Better than any other anal lube
Not sure what all the hype is around silicone anal lube...maybe it's just me but I prefer a thicker water based lube and this is the perfect companion to long lasting and slippery play. Won't buy a different product as long as this is available.
rating 4.5
This is amazing!
This is by far and wide the absolute best lube I ve ever purchased. I love that it s water based but can compete with the best of silicone lubes. Ass play and anal fucking has never been better. Use this with toys, to clitoral masturbation, hand jobs...endless possibilities. It s quite thick and a little goes a long way...a major plus...it s never sticky!!
rating 4.5
Favourite lube
This is my favourite lube! It's amazing, and I highly recommend :)
rating 4.5
This lube is excellent. Thick and very slick.
rating 4.5
The best!
This lube is perfect! I've used many different lubes for anal And toys. The thickness of this jelle is cannot be compared. Long lasting, slick, and not sticky. Lasts as long as silicone based lubes, but you don't need as much. Worth every penny. Once you try it, you will never use another.
rating 4.5
Works much better than the other more liquidy lube I have, although it's a little more sticky during cleanup.
rating 4.5
Love it
Worth it. Love it. Not as sticky as others that I've tried
rating 4.5
The only way to go for anal
I have five different brands of anal lube and this is far and away the best of them and I've come back to buy more because I DO NOT want to run out of it, even though there's four other tubes of various other labels. It's thick, and clings well which is VERY IMPORTANT because for things going into the part of the body that doesn't produce any of it's own lubrication, you can't have it just dribbling away like the runny stuff. That said, it's also not sticky or stinky, and the squeeze tube comes in REAL handy.
rating 4.5
Does exactly what it is meant to do. Stays where you need it to!!!! Great texture and a little goes a long way!!!! Not greasy feeling at all. Worked great with the wife s new plug
rating 4.5
The best lube
J adore ce lubrifiant!
rating 4.5
Best For Your Bum!
Don't bother with another brand, this stuff keeps everything moving smoothly and doesn't get sticky! Love it!
rating 4.5
My partner and I loved this product as there was no stickiness that other cheap lube has. Definitely will purchase again!
rating 4.5
Best anal lube I've found yet!
This lube works amazing, lasts for those 30 minute or hour sessions. I've used this with my lady for pegging (with multiple sizes and it always works great!) and on her. Definitely recommend to anyone!
rating 4.5
Glide rule
Changing entrance Easy Clean
rating 4.5
Long lasting, no sticky residue, compatible with silicone, and slippery smooth what more can you ask for in a lube? Remember, a little is good but a lot is sooo much better??
rating 4.5
It is a very good lube, it dos it job a long time
rating 4.5
Best lube
Epais, tiens en place et longue dur e !
rating 4.5
New favourite
We bought the smaller bottle to give it a try after reading the great reviews and now we're kicking ourselves because we didn't buy the bigger bottle. This is the new favourite for us. It's replacing our tried and true brand. We highly recommend it for every kind of play. It's long lasting and not sticky.