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Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager

  • A powerful, wireless wand
  • Wrapped in ultra-smooth silicone
  • Waterproof & rechargeable
  • Features 50 vibration combinations
  • Perfect for full body massage

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Average rating: 5/5 Number of reviews: 30


Product Description

Wand massagers have revolutionized the world of sex toys, and the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is one of the most feature-packed toys out there. With over 50 modes of vibrations, this toy is perfect for anyone looking to explore their sexual desires and get the most out of their playtime.

One of the most impressive features of the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is its ability to provide a stimulating full-body massage. The rumbly massager is not only great for your privates but is also extremely efficient for sore muscles, especially on your back and legs. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for both pleasure and relaxation.

The Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is also IPX7 waterproof, which means you can take it with you into the tub or shower for a truly immersive experience. This feature also makes it easy to clean, as you can simply wash it before and after use without worrying about water damage.

Another great feature of the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is its plug-and-play feature. This means that you can plug it into the wall when the battery is running low, ensuring that you never run out of playtime. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to use their toy for extended periods without worrying about the battery dying.

One of the most impressive things about the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is its absence of finger numbness. This is a common problem with many vibrators, as the fingers tend to get numb after prolonged usage. However, with the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager, this is totally avoided. The vibrations, even though extremely powerful, are only felt on the spherical head. The long stick/base remains very stable throughout, so you won’t experience any sort of discomfort.

Finally, the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager comes with a 15-year warranty, which is a testament to the quality of the product. This goes on to show how much trust the company has in this product, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a high-quality toy that will last for years to come.

In conclusion, the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager is an incredible toy that combines the benefits of a wand massager and a sex toy. With its stimulating full-body massage, over 50 modes of vibrations, waterproof design, plug-and-play feature, absence of finger numbness, and 15-year warranty, this toy is perfect for anyone looking to explore their sexual desires and get the most out of their playtime. So why wait? Buy the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager today and experience the ultimate in pleasure and relaxation!

Product Details

Material:ABS plastic, Silicone
Width:22″, 56.8 mm
Length:134″, 340 mm
With vibration:Yes


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rating 5
Instant Satisfaction
I bought it for the wife as a gift based on the reviews and it did not disappoint. She had no idea how to use it initially, but within seconds figured it out and max 2 minutes later (probably less) had a shaking orgasm.
rating 5
This is amazing .
The best purchase i made in 2020. Good for back rubbing massage. And also very pleasant in the bed for my wife and me !! Price is very cheap but this product is very niceeee and fun
rating 5
Lovvve itt
It s amazing!!! You definitely won t regret buying this one!! My only suggestion is to keep it charged
rating 5
Home run
Take me out to the ball game Looks like a bat swings like a bat vibrates all the way to home base for a home run grand slam Lots of fun thanks
rating 5
Powerful tool ?? ??
This massager is super powered. Its size is impressive but surprisingly lightweight. Its simply beautiful and so silky smooth. The vibration variations are very pleasurable. The intensity of vibrations starts at an intriguing pace and goes up to a super powerful rumble that feels amazing on sore muscles. Highly recommend this versatile tool!
rating 5
Great product.
Spouse really likes it. We had a lot of fun with it.
rating 5
Satisfaction Guaranteed! Orgasmic Fun!
Omg Omg Omg!!!!! I am so in love with my new wand!!!! This is the most powerful wand I have ever used, and the material they used to make this was absolutely perfect and so comfortable to use! This wand is Soooo Orgasmic! I felt like I was floating on a cloud after Gushing for so long, I was definitely ready to rest as I was So Relaxed! My husband really enjoyed using it on me too! The Satisfyer is Definitely the Perfect wand for all women who are wanting to try this out, and have As Much Fun as I Am Having!!! ?????????????? Also works Great as a regular massager, ?? % Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!! ????????
rating 5
Quiet, powerful and lots of fun!!
rating 5
This thing is huge and hits all the right spots
rating 5
Something different
What I love about this wand is all the different speeds and modes that it has. It is fun to play around with, and even better to tease. The battery life is pretty good too. If you are looking for something as strong as the Magic Wand this may not be it for you, so just keep that in mind. But it is still a great toy to have in your collection to change it up a bit!
rating 5
More than what I expected
me and my partner have definitely been loving this and its definitely added some spice into are sex life. Really glad i bought.
rating 5
This toy is awesome! Thanks to it, I have reconnected with my clitoris! I used it during a bath so yes completely waterproof. I used it with my man. OMG. He is happy because he doesn t have to work that hard anymore to make me come ??. It s super powerful so I can adjust the speed level of each setting. So each setting now can provide a custom fit orgasm one after the other, after the other... It gave me 50 shades of clitoral orgasms! I can do this all day! But will my clit survive. This toy has completely satisfied me! Thank you!
rating 5
happy Valentine's Day
Tried this as a valentines gift for myself and husband. I've never seen him come that fast Definitely recommend if you want to try something new
rating 5
My fave wand by a landslide.
I really love a good design and this wand just LOOKS so good. The fact that it has soooo many options for vibes is insane. I ve never been crazy to use the different settings with previous vibes but these ones are really smart and really fun. Such a plus side that it s as quiet as it is! Highly recommend this one.
rating 5
Over the edge
Totally Love this gadget, it has multiple power speeds and vibrations which is a total plus
rating 5
effing amazing
definitely the best purchase i ve ever made, you won t regret buying it!!!
rating 5
big bad & beautiful
she s huge physically and figuratively as a blessing! this is a really beautiful lux toy for a great price point of you want to dip your toes into wands!
rating 5
Loving this wand. The silicone cap comes off for those of you who need an extra boost. Just discovered that and now I'm even more satisfied with my purchase.
rating 5
Different micro
Ce micro ne fait pas chanter les m mes l vres!
rating 5
Love it
This is my first body massager and I love it. Charge lasts a while! Chordless! And does what I need,
rating 5
Very powerful
Really love it, super strong!
rating 5
I wanted a wand I could play with in the tub, and this one is quite nice. However, I need INTENSE vibration to get to climax, and this left me a little frustrated at the highest setting. (I'm on medication that hinders my sexual response, tbh.) Nice design, easy to clean, easy to use.
rating 5
Ladies if u have not tried this u are missing out this will take u to the moon and back. definitely recommend it.
rating 5
Love it!!
Best purchase ever, just wish it was a little more stronger on the highest setting but i still think its powerful!
rating 5
A little big but totally worth it, the soft head is perfect for ladies with some bling. This will be my go to toy from now on __
rating 5
Everyone needs this
Seriously! If you are only going to buy one toy this is the one you need. Whatever your anatomy this is an amazing toy. If I showed up to a guys house and he had this I would be so impressed! This is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone.
rating 5
Big wand
Very nice for a wand feels good
rating 5
A Must Have in My Collection
I seriously do not know why more people are not talking about this. Listen- I never leave reviews, but this toy is so good that I need to. You will not regret buying this. It's the only toy that does it for me. Battery life is super impressive and it's easy to clean. It has nice, deep, rumbly vibrations. While its size is intimidating, I would say it's also beginner friendly. No other toy I have delivers orgasms like this. Beats out my expensive toys by a long shot
rating 5
Heavy but so, so good.
This is a big, hefty toy. Not a small wand by any means, it's definitely closet to the size of a magic wand. I cum in minutes even on the lowest setting. Also definitely water proof. Since I don't let it run for a very long time because of how effective it is, I'm not sure of the battery life. But using for a few minutes each day, I still haven't needed to charge it in weeks. It's a bit of a luxury item but worth it!
rating 5
Was able to make my 70 yr old wife cum and squirt multiple times also filled her cunt that is huge after having 14 births also was able to use it in her ass also great tool