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Magic Wand Rechargeable

  • 4 speeds
  • 4 short & Long pulsation rhythms
  • USB rechargeable
  •  Can be used with many head attachments

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Product Description

When the original Hitachi magic wand came out, it became an instant hit amongst everyone. Women of all age groups started using it and it became a crowd favorite. As a matter of fact, this massager was bought by people of various ages to massage their body parts as well. The vibrations, the hand help control, and other factors just had this product the most well-built sex toy ever.


However, this too had its own set of issues. The primary one is the presence of that nasty long electrical cord that puts in a lot of restrictions. The six-feet long cord meant the user had to be near an electrical source like a wall socket or use some sort of extension device. This also meant a lot of restrictions when you’re making love as a couple. Imagine how tedious it would be not to get tangled up in electrical cords while you’re busy making love. Furthermore, this could also be a valid health hazard.


The upgraded version, magic wand rechargeable bypassed this issue by completely eliminating the electrical cord. With its rechargeable battery, users can now use the device wherever they want. The Hitachi magic wand wireless vibrator is thus a major upgrade from its predecessor.


What other features does the magic Hitachi wand wireless have over the original version?


Being cordless is in itself an investable upgrade. However, if you want more points, here are they:

  •      Multiple vibration intensities and patterns
    This version of the Hitachi magic wand wireless comes with 4 different intensities of vibrations, each of which has 4 patterns. So combining them you have a total of 16 incredible sensations at your disposal. This is a humongous upgrade from the previous number of just 2!

  •      Detachable heads
    If the spherical ball doesn’t get you off you can certainly opt for a different attachment with the detachable feature of the wand. Depending on your preference you will get a huge range of options to choose from.

  •      Plug & play feature
    With its plug-and-play feature, you will never run out of playtime. In case you see the battery draining out, just plug it into the wall and it becomes your regular wand vibrator.


It goes unsaid that Hitachi magic wand wireless vibrator can be used for non-sexual purposes as well. The powerful vibration is incredibly useful to relieve sore muscle pains and loosening stiffness of the back. So whatever be the reason, the magic wand wireless is a great massager to have in the bedroom. Just use it whenever you want, wherever you want as you don’t have the ugly restrictions of the cord anymore!

Product Details

Material:ABS, Silicone
With vibration:Yes
Splash proofNo


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rating 4.5
Yeeesssir! This will rub you the right way!
Over a year on this one and going strong. Do yourself a favor and get the speed control switch with the knob to route this through. It gives you a ton more control over intensity.
rating 4
The last one lasted almost 8 years...
and the old one still works, just sounding a little louder than it did new. Stop reading reviews and buy the thing. It's a worthwhile investment. Get one of those dimmer extension cords made for lamps. It'll let you control the strength of the vibrations a lot more finely.
rating 5
Really good
My wife and i really enjoyed this
rating 5
Perfect vibrator for solo and couples!
I decided to get this vibrator as the other one I had wasn't very good. You cannot go wrong with the hitachi magic wand! Even the first setting was a perfect start, I love all the intensities and you will be guaranteed an amazing orgasm. The size is definitely a little intimidating at first, don t worry, you ll get used to it fast. It s perfect for using with a boyfriend or partner and even yourself, you won t regret buying this toy. It s a classic for a reason!!
rating 5
Just wow!!
Every woman should have a wand!!
rating 5
not for the faint of heart
This thing is POWERFUL, like wow. I just got done using it for the first time and lemme just say it s not for beginners
rating 5
We have a variety of different sands but wow! This thing is a beast! Didn't even get it off the first setting before she was done!
rating 5
This is the greatest sex toy ever created! I used it alone and with my husband and it s amazeballs! The first time we used it was almost right after it was delivered and we were fully clothes and it still worked! We can t wait to try all the vaginal and penis attachments that are available!
rating 5
All of the Yes
This was an amazing product that sure did pack a punch. I've had other similar products in the past but none worked as well as this one.
rating 5
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi il y a plusieurs intensit , la premi re suffit en quelques secondes pour faire monter ma partenaire jusqu' l'orgasme.
rating 5
Worth the praise
The fact that it's rechargeable alone is enough to buy it. This thing is a beast! Fantastic to use with a partner as well.
rating 5
Quieter than the original
Love this! I think it s quite a bit quieter than the original plug in version, albeit a little bit less powerful on the lower settings but I really don t mind at all. Battery life seems nice and long and the silicone head feels really nice.
rating 5
You need this!!
I've been years on the fence about this toy. I don't know what I was waiting for, this definitely lives up to the reputation! It's now my new favorite and my new go to. The large head surface hits ALL the right spots, no moving it around trying to find that sweet spot to send you over the edge. It's great solo play or to use with a partner. I highly recommend.
rating 5
Worth every penny
I never Owned another, so I can t compare. All I can say is, I didn t know what a multiple orgasm was until I got this wand. I have had it for over a year and am still learning new tricks, I can never again live without it. It reaches deep inside and allows me to have A spot orgasms, G spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms, and sometimes a combination of two of those at once. I never knew I was capable of such orgasms, All my life I had only ever had clitoral ones. Needless to say, extreme satisfied :)
rating 5
I guess God really is a woman after all!
The Big O. That's all I have to say. Now I'm not really big on vibrators, as a matter of fact vibrations in general tend to ruin the mood for me (weird right?). I have had two experiences with the vibrator like toys before this one. Those being the Satisfyer Pro 2 (That was the first toy to ever have me seeing stars, the suction is phenomenal but the vibration didn't do much for me. Ironically it annoyed me more than anything). But after so many recommendations and so many good reviews I just thought, what the heck? Why not? And what the heck indeed! Look just get this, even if you're not a vibrator girl. This thing dfinitely brought me to see the light, worth every penny!
rating 5
Worth the hype
The different vibration settings really make a difference. Charge lasts a long time like 4 hours and counting since I fully charged it. I had the plug in one before and this is worth the extra money.
rating 5
I have gone through three different vibrators in the past six months. After the mind blowing, efficient, and surprisingly tender orgasm this thing gave me I now believe in whatever god there may be up above. If I could speak to them I would say: "thank you for putting me through the pain of three incredible losses... I understand now." Don't think and just buy it. Don't skimp out on the $50 if you can afford to get this cordless one. If I had bought this wand first instead of trying to find a substitute in those three (now dead) vibrators, I would've actually saved money and a whole lot of frustration. Do it. Trust me. If I could give this 10 stars I would. I just hope it lasts forever like others have said!
rating 5
Just buy it already!
rating 5
The Force
It s roughly the size and sound of a lightsaber, but this is the weapon of a Jizz Knight an elegant weapon, for a more civilized cord-free age. You need not master the Force to cum with this its what powers this Magic Wand. Its energy field surrounds us, penetrates us, binds the galaxy together.
rating 5
Wife absolutely loves this. Best one yet
rating 5
This toy is absolutely unbelievable. Definitely do not regret buying this!
rating 5
the best of the hitachis
I've owned both the original and the rechargeable at this point. Not only does it have more speeds (and vibration patterns) to experiment with than the original, but it also features a smooth silicone head. The original certainly has its place, but an upside to the rechargeable is that you don't have to worry about accidentally unplugging it from the wall in the middle of play. I just make a weekly ritual of charging all my toys so I never have to worry about the battery dying mid-session.
rating 5
Worth every penny! I wish I would have got it sooner.
rating 5
rating 5
So strong and versatile. Great for solo (male or female) or couple. So many attachment options
rating 5
I have only great things to say about this wand. I love that it's cordless, and the actually vibrating part is very soft and squishy, preventing my hooha from getting irritated/overstimulated. Would definitely recommend.
rating 5
Fantastic alone or together
Not surprising, this is a fantastic toy, and the wireless feature makes it even more fantastic over the wired version. Wish there was a travel lock though. Great used solo, or used together while riding the cowboy/etc
rating 5
What can I say that hasn t been said about this wand? 100% superior to other wands and well-worth the price for all genders! The attachments are also magnificent, using this wand with the sleeve attachment as a masturbator or on your partner with lube is something you won t regret.
rating 5
Lives up to the hype
I have an original Hitachi Magic Wand and loved it. Thought I lost my original and decided to get the latest and greatest. This is great, being cordless and rechargeable. The option for different vibe patterns is great too! Anything from the Magic Wand family is a staple of any toy collection inmo
rating 5
Best, Most Intense Orgasm She's Ever Had
So, started with a back massage after we opened it up to show her how intense it could be. We incorporated into a little play later, and while it was intense at first, she found her setting. Later, she orgasmed like I've never heard before in over 14 years of marriage. Wish we found this years ago!
rating 5
Magic Wand
Very powerful nice wide head for a good full area shake. Does the job very well is a little noisy. This is expected with this much power. Definitely a must add to any toy collection.
rating 5
Incroyable pour toutes les parties du corps. Je le recommande X1000
rating 5
The Rumors Are True
Theres a reason this is a classic! Oof this toy really packs a punch. Multiple speeds and patterns are super fun! I especially love that you can use it with or without the cord.