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Magic Wand Plus

  • Original Magic Wand 
  • simplistic push button controls
  • variable speed control
  • 4 power intensities
  • silicone head
  • removable power cord

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Product Description

The Magic Wand® has been a staple in the world of sex toys for decades, and for good reason. Its powerful vibrations and ability to bring users to orgasm quickly and reliably have made it a favorite among sex toy enthusiasts and professionals alike. Now, the Magic Wand® has released a new addition to its lineup: the Magic Wand® Plus.

The Magic Wand® Plus offers all the same powerful vibrations as the original corded Magic Wand®, but with some exciting new features. The most noticeable change is the new push button controls, which make it easier than ever to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. Users can choose from four different power intensities, allowing them to customize their experience to their liking.

Another great feature of the Magic Wand® Plus is its silicone head. This material is not only soft and comfortable against the skin, but it also makes the toy easier to clean and maintain. Plus, the silicone head is more durable than the original vinyl head, so users can expect it to last longer.

One of the biggest advantages of the Magic Wand® Plus is its compatibility with a wide range of power sources. The included power adapter is compatible with voltages ranging from 100-240v, making it easy to use the toy no matter where you are in the world. Additionally, the power cord is removable, which makes it easier to store and transport the toy.

Overall, the Magic Wand® Plus is an excellent addition to the Magic Wand® lineup. It offers all the same powerful vibrations as the original, but with some exciting new features that make it even more user-friendly and versatile. Whether you're a longtime fan of the Magic Wand® or a newcomer to the world of sex toys, the Magic Wand® Plus is definitely worth checking out.

Product Details

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rating 5
A noticeable improvement over the original design.
I wouldn't replace a working original with it, but if you're looking for a replacement, I would get the Plus.
rating 5
very strong at first, but great when you learn how to use it!
this one is VERY strong at first. but when you find the right way to use it for YOU, it s great! the main reason i got this is i love clit stimulation during anal, and i found it difficult to keep my lelo sona in place during anal. the wand is big and sturdy for you to hold during :) enjoy!
rating 5
This product is a great addition to the bedroom for fun play! It's also great to run over your back if you're feeling any aches and pains. 10/10
rating 5
It s the wand. What do you expect?
It s amazing. I m having so much fun pushing my partners into overload. The only draw back is I thought the removable cord meant it was cordless and chargeable. It just means it s easier to clean and store. Love it tho!
rating 5
Classic toy with some nice upgrades!
I was in the market for a new wand and was excited to see that a new version of the Magic Wand with a silicone head had been released! It's nice to have materials that are safe and easy to clean. The Plus doesn't change too much from the original, aside from the silicone and some extra speeds. In my opinion, that was a good choice, since the original was a staple and having a few tweaks gives it a nice upgrade without losing what made the toy great.
rating 5
It feels so good!!
Out of all my vibrators - this one feels like I m having sex with someone! I have little climaxes & go up from there like I m actually effing someone. Every minute is pure ecstasy. However the downfall for me is I don t feel like I m actually Cumming. I m just so elevated & on cloud 9, my vagina feels like a pillow melting. It doesn t give me a rush.. this will definitely feel like you smoked some good THC after though. I m in bliss
rating 5
love it
Honestly, amazing! Got it 3 days later with regular shipping. The speeds are a nice change from the regular- if you're thinking of upgrading do it! If they were going to upgrade it further, different vibration patterns would be nice but I'm just a wishful thinker :)
rating 5
Love it.
I got this package in record timing and I love it. Haven t even been able to get to the final speed cuz it s so strong and I just can t take it! 10/10!
rating 5
Does the job
Love it
rating 5
Buy the real one
I originally bought the vintage knock off model and it wasn't strong enough. This one has 5 settings and I haven't gone beyond 3 yet. Only complaint is its alot bigger than I thought. Hopefully I'll get used to the size of this thing
rating 5
This is the best wond. Very powerful. You won't regret it. Every woman should have one
rating 5
Bought this for my wife and within 10 seconds it had her quivering! Best purchase so far and we've bought A LOT from PinkCherry! Definitely a MUST ADD to anyone's "tickle trunk".
rating 5
Gets the job DONE
Has 4 settings and wife can only handle the 3rd highest. This thing has some definite weight to it. We've had wands before but she says this is the best by FAR.
rating 5
Where have you been
I do not know why it took me so long to buy this! The power is amazing. I do wish the cord was longer though.
rating 5
This is my first high quality toy and I am not disappointed!
rating 5
Nothing beats the authentic wand
After owning an original magic wand years ago and replacing it with knock-offs that didn't last long or hold up to its standards, I'm proud to be the owner mind shattering orgasms yet again. I can't believe I ever tried to settle for anything less! The plus is a nice upgrade to the original magic wand. The silicone head is silky smooth and the added two speeds make for a nice variety of sensations without being too overwhelming or distracting.
rating 5
Better than anticipated
After years of seeing these wands used in various media, I saw an opportunity to get one at a steal. My best friend and I fool around sometimes and we happened to hang out the day it arrived, she enjoyed it throughly. Now, it wasn't for her I got it as, even without any attachments, it's absolutely wonderful on penises. 15/10 would highly recommend!
rating 5
Great Product
Great for couples, strong motor, very durable. I would strongly recommend it.
rating 5
Magic Wand
Great vibe with plenty of power. Wife loves it
rating 5
Nice speed control
I love that I can do a slow vib n then take it to the max
rating 5
Don t sleep on it- just buy it
Every new prescription for an SSRI should come with an adjunct prescription for a Hitachi Magic Wand Hear me out here. I think anyone who has lived through the experience of relying on store bought neurotransmitters can attest to the degree of difficulty in achieving orgasm. Which becomes doubly insulting when the medication is effective and you find your sex drive returning after hibernating for months, if not years, deep inside a pit of depression and anxiety. There is hope, and it plugs into the wall. Never fret over batteries again, loves. Hitachi will pummel your clit into another dimension, and that s just on its lowest speed. I come from a place of experience. I started on Lexapro six months ago. I have seen a vast improvement in my anxiety and secondary symptoms such as irritability and most notably, ability to communicate my needs to others. The most notable other being my husband, and my needs being my sexual appetite. The sad irony is that most SSRIs have
rating 5
Good vibes
The product arrived very fast . The product is great because it has multiple speeds depending how sensitive you are.
rating 5
Wow magic wand plus
This wand is amazing has the power like no other the fiancee and i are just the happiest and plus when you get the attachements boy do things get interesting
rating 5
The Best For a Reason
It's the best wand on the market, for a reason. Don't bother cheaping out on one of the junky rechargeable models; get the real deal and you'll never be disappointed. Some may even say the Magic Wand is too powerful, but it's delightfully torturous in the hands of a motivated sadist.
rating 5
Great Product
I had my doubts that this would be everything that it said it would. After all it looked bulky and sort of..dated. But OMG it is everything I wanted and so very much more. I have had more orgasms with it than I ever had before. I don't think I've even made it to the third setting yet.
rating 5
Magic Wand
Great toy. The wife loves it and I love using it on her
rating 5
Great except for the laser beam of light
Been looking for something to replace the old school hitatchi original magic wand. It had a much wider and deeper vibration wave than most of the others today that sound and feel like a dentist drill. The wife needs that deeper wave to reach orgasms at times. So this new one is pretty close, which is great. But the blue LED light on it is blinding. If I am going down on her and she is also using the wand it is almost blinding for me and her. She likes the dark. So I had to get some tape to block out some of the light. But other than that, if you are looking to replace the older styled Hitatchi, this one is darn close!
rating 5
Very powerful
This is very powerful vibrator. There is quite a jump in power between the settings. More variability options would be nice. After a while my wife just can t handle this one as it begins to be too much.
rating 5
Glad I went with the Magic Wand Plus
Don't settle for the imitations. The features on this are shiver inducing, and the silicone head is a great addition. Will be recommending to anyone who asks. :)
rating 5
Best toy I've used!
Never knew I was a squitter until this. 10/10