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Inmi Shegasm Tickling Stimulator With Suction

  • Bead Movement And Suction
  • 7 Suction Functions 
  • 3 Bead Functions
  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy To Clean
  • Non-Porous And Phthalate Free

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Product Description

Let's be honest here. Most suction toys that promise to emulate the exact sensation of oral sex fail miserably at doing so. Oral sex isn't just about sucking mindlessly. It also involves those tiny tongue movements that sometimes are extremely essential to get you off the edge. In most toys, you don't get it.


Not anymore. Presenting Inmi Shegasm Tickling Stimulator. This suction toy had surpassed all expectations by cracking the code for oral sex. Use it once and you'll know exactly what you've been missing out on. It is perhaps one of the very few ergonomically designed handheld devices that can emulate the exact sensations of oral sex without much fuss.

If you're still wondering why Inmi Shegasm focused clitoral stimulator caught us by storm, read on!


What makes the Inmi Shegasm Tickling Stimulator different than other vibrators in the market?


There are innumerable reasons why Inmi Shegasm Tickling Stimulator has become the crowd favorite. Some of them are here as follows:


  •      Silicone covered bead movement to emulate tongue flicking

Even though it might sound like a gimmick, it is far from that. The tip of the device has a membrane-covered silicone bead that swivels back n forth. This movement exactly feels like the movement of the tongue on the clitoris and does an amazing job in stimulating the same.


  •      7 suction modes and 3 bead movements

Most suction toys either have only one or two modes of operation or fail to create a good vacuum. However, the Inmi Shegasm focused clitoral stimulator has 7 extremely satisfying modes with a very strong vacuum.

Furthermore, the user can change the movement of the silicon bead as per their liking to 3 different modes.


  •      Rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Now every time you want to play, just plug the sex toy in the USB charger for a few hours and it'll get juiced up in no time. The usual playtime depends on the modes of usage however you'll never be left unsatisfied.


  •      Phthalate-free, non-porous, body safe silicone

Forget about infections or fungal growth due to improper storage. With its non-porous body, all you have to do is dip it in water n wash it with mild soap to have a product as clean as new.

The developers have also used premium body-safe silicone to ensure no infection gets to the user due to the material.


  •      Waterproof body

With a completely waterproof body, you can now take your naughty desires into the tub. Submerge it all you want but you'll get some pleasure every single time.


Equipped with such amazing features, Inmi Shegasm Tickling Stimulator has become a favorite toy for many women across the world. This is a unique sex toy that combines the power of sucking and caressing into one single package and delivers to your clitoris in different modes. Now, that is definitely something worth investing. So go buy your Inmi Shegasm focused clitoral stimulator and trust me, the only regret you'll have is not trying it earlier.

Product Details

Manufacturer:XR Brands


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rating 5
Getting used to it!
I thought the product was damaged until I figured out how to use it !Works great.
rating 5
Omg , omg yes yes yes
OMG I love this