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Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser

  • Silicone, ABS Plastic, And Polyurethane Cote
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Color: Black
  • 12 Vibrating Functions
  • Magnetic

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Average rating: 4/5 Number of reviews: 29


Product Description

The Lock-N-Play™ Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser is the perfect addition to any adventurous pleasure seeker's toy box. This pulsating panty teaser is paired with a playfully mini remote, making it easy for you or your lover to control vibration intensity with the touch of a button. The discreet remote ensures that you can enjoy your playtime without any interruptions.

One of the best features of this panty teaser is its magnetic tab wings, which securely attach to almost any panty. This ensures that the panty teaser stays in place even during the most active playtime. You can enjoy your playtime without worrying about the panty teaser slipping out of place.

The Lock-N-Play™ Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser has a 32-foot radius range, which means that you can enjoy your playtime wherever and whenever passion takes you. The 12 intense functions of pulsation are ready for playtime, and you can use the discreet controller or the button on the panty teaser to cycle through them. The thumping pulsations with synchronous vibrations are sure to deliver knee-shaking sensations, whether you choose to stay in control or leave pleasure in your partner's hands.

This powerful teaser is perfect for blushing beginners and erotic experts alike. It adds versatile vibrations to any toy box, and you can recharge your passion in only 1 hour with the provided USB cable. You can enjoy up to 35 minutes of high-intensity stimulation, ensuring that you can enjoy your playtime for as long as you want.

The Lock-N-Play™ Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser is perfect for those who want to add a little excitement to their playtime. It is discreet, powerful, and versatile, making it the perfect addition to any toy box. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this panty teaser is sure to deliver the knee-shaking sensations that you crave.

In conclusion, the Lock-N-Play™ Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a little excitement to their playtime. It is discreet, powerful, and versatile, making it the perfect addition to any toy box. With its magnetic tab wings, 32-foot radius range, and 12 intense functions of pulsation, this panty teaser is sure to deliver the knee-shaking sensations that you crave. So why wait? Add the Lock-N-Play™ Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser to your toy box today and start exploring your pleasure like never before!

Product Details

Material:ABS, Silicone
Width:1.50 in.
Length:4.50 in.
With vibration:Yes
Manufacturer:California exotic novelties


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rating 2
Product review

It gets the job done! What I don’t like about it, it’s VERY noisy and am not a fan of there not being an option of not sending a couple pulses. It stays on until you hold the button for 3 seconds to shut it off.

rating 4.5
Product as described
Works like a charm! It does turn-off around the 20 to 30 min mark so stay active. There's some fun settings on this one. He loved it!
rating 4.5
she enjoyed
we used this when we out on a date night and by time dinner was over she was all over me. FIRE
rating 4
Way better design than the others
I have been looking for a panty vibe for a long time now. I liked this one because of the powerful vibrations and well as the multiple patterns. The magnets are strong. It is worth taking the time to find what works because this is a powerful little vibe!
rating 4
Boyfriend loves having control of remote
rating 4
Thank you!
I am loving this product and so is my bf. We are having a blast with him being at the controls and me having no way of knowing when he'll hit that button. I highly recommend this and can't wait to try it outside of the house!
rating 4
Ohhh wowzers
Wayyyyy better than expected. My fianc really enjoyed this as did I! So many options to make you squirm. Glad I purchased !
rating 4
Lock n play remote teaser
Wow it was great we went for a car ride. She started using and gave me the remote and holly cow she was thrusting with pleasure. We had to stop along the way for a quickly in the parking lot. My wife wanted it more same day and has been using every day best sex in a while.
rating 4
Loved it
This is a great little toy to play with around the house. However it is a little loud to wear out in public The vibrations are pretty strong.
rating 4
Went for ride
Took wife, vibe and Harley for ride. Very stimulating bike ride. Ride didn t end after parking bike. Two thumbs up.
rating 4
Holy crap!
Finally got to use this on a date night and my goodness she couldn't control herself! Neither could I with her reaction!
rating 4
It definitely pin points the clit well
rating 4
Omg waterfalls is all I have to say
Got the toy for the wife for our anniversary and while we were driving she had it without me knowing and all of sudden just straight orgasms back to back
rating 4
Very nice product, not as quiet as suggested. If you re not sitting on a solid surface it s not real noisy but if you are it can be heard and felt. My woman prefers this over one that has something penetrating her the entire time.
rating 4
Buy This Product
Wife & I love this product. We bought this product again because we wore the first one out!!!!!
rating 4
Great to get the motor running
In our hectic house, with little ones running about, this was a must for us. It allows for the little lady to get revved up without scarring the kids for life. Just a quick burst with the remote to buzz the lady bits and let the excitement begin.
rating 4
Works like a charm
rating 4
Sexy, Discrete Fun!
This toy is perfect for spicing things up for you and your partner. The remote control is easy to use and gives you perfect control of your own pleasure. Also great for solo play! The magnet is strong and will have no problem sticking to any pair of panties.
rating 4
Great product, but!
I loved this product and it was a really fun way for me and my boyfriend to get in the mood.. the ONLY complaint I have is that it s magnetic to go over your underwear and strap around the middle part, and I m a bigger girl and the magnetic part was too thin to actually clamp on to my underwear. But ya ll definitely need this! It s so fun!
rating 4
So excited to wear it Again!!
This toy is so much fun and be naughty with my husband in public! I love it!! My husband's looks when he hit the button each time was a huge turn on!
rating 4
Boyfriend and I love it! Makes things a lot of fun
rating 4
Soo fun!!
Oh god this toy is sooo amazing! It makes things a little more exciting to wear out in public!
rating 4
Great product
This is great the wife and I have a lot of fun with this. Wife says it packs a punch.
rating 4
Loud but good
bit loud, but powerful and x-tra effective.
rating 4
First time
Perfect for what we wanted great website fast delivery
rating 4
Wife Loves It
I got this for my wife as a surprise for when we go out, she absolutly loves it and I love that I can use the remote from across the room. The only thing is is that it s a little bit loud, it would be nicer if it was quieter.
rating 4
Not what I expected !!!!
Definitely not what I expected. This thing packs a punch. Made the wife jump. But on the bad side doesn't clip where it supposed to go doesn't seem to be wide enough.
rating 4
Packs a punch
This is a lot of fun. Wife left me have control and the fun began. Only bad thing about it is that it doesn't clip where it's supposed to so the wife had to make it work.
rating 4
A fantastic gift and toy for entertainment.
Simply it gets the job done, with comfort.