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The Snail Vibe

  • Dual-action vibrator
  • Phthalate-free silicone
  • 5 vibration modes
  • 5 vibration speeds

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Product Description

How amazing would it be if you could combine the vibrating power of a wand, the insertion depth of a dildo, and

the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator? Well, Freedom Novelties just did that with their brand new Snail vibe toy. This genius invention has a rather interesting design that is patented by the company for all the right reasons.


Snail vibe is a toy that looks like nothing you've ever seen. One glimpse at it and you'd have no idea that this could be one of the best sex toys out there.


But what is it that makes the snail vibe such a great product?


Just by the looks of this product, you can guess that it is hiding innumerable features up its sleeve. Here are a few important ones:


  •      The unique design allows it to give you double orgasms

The snail vibrator looks nothing like you've ever seen before! The patented twirling snail like design is confusing to grasp. However, when you actually use it, you'll never be able to go back to your conventional toys. The fabulous design makes the product a unique sex toy that not only works like a vibrating dildo hitting the g-spot but also stimulates the clitoris by constantly staying in place. So the user gets to experience the thundering sensation of a double orgasm!


  •      Two powerful motors

Most vibrators come with only a single type of vibration using one motor. This is not only boring but can also reduce efficiency. The snail vibe comes with two very powerful motors that have the capability of producing sustained vibrations on two different parts of the body.


  •      Exceptionally quiet

Even in its loudest setting, the snail vibe toy will produce a sound of less than 45dB. So feel free to go wild in the privacy of your bedroom even if you've thin walls with nosey flatmates.


  •      An astounding number of modes

You'd be surprised to know that with all the combinations of patterns, intensities, and speeds, the snail vibe would give you a buffet of over 300 incredibly satisfying modes. So now you will never run out of options or get bored of the same sort.


  •      IP67 Waterproof body

Feel like taking your adventure into the bathtub? Go for it. With its waterproof body, you don't have to worry about liquid damage anymore. This also means that the toy is easier to clean. Just wash it off with mild soap after use and you're good to go.


  •      USB rechargeable Li-ion battery

With its superfast rechargeable batteries, you don't have to hunt for batteries every week. Just plug it in for a few hours and you'll get a juiced-up toy every time.


With so many amazing features it was only a matter of time till this sex toy became the women's best friend and it truly did. Being one of the top-selling products on any sex store you should definitely give this a shot. 

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