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Satisfyer Pro Traveler Silicone Stimulator

  • Magnetic closure
  • 11 quiet pressure wave settings
  • Ideal for when you’re out and about
  • Waterproof and skin-friendly
  • Rechargeable, USB charging cable included

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Average rating: 4.5/5 Number of reviews: 30


Product Description

This handy pressure wave vibrator enables multiple orgasms through contactless stimulation. 11 beguiling settings allow this lay-on vibrator to stimulate your love bead with every kind of pressure wave, from tender to powerful, depending on your mood. The intuitive controls enable you to switch up and down between intensities, providing maximum individual pleasure. The powerful motor is nevertheless very quiet, ensuring that your journey to seventh heaven is discreet and inconspicuous. The extraordinary stimulation is particularly exciting underwater, so don’t forget to try out your waterproof Satisfyer Pro Traveler in the bath!

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rating 4.5
Love It !
I love this brand ! This one is perfect and discreet
rating 4.5
No body could give this sensation
Shaky legs ;-)
rating 4.5
Love it
Buy it you won't regret it
rating 4.5
There are really no words that describe the feelings derived from the beautiful toy. It has a luxurious look but what it does is an out of this world trip. Reaching the stars.
rating 4.5
I LOVE this toy! It gave me such a deep orgasm that I've never experienced with any other toy! I couldn't make it to the last few settings, that's how powerful it is! My husband and I love to use it together, and its so small that it doesn't get in the way. I love its small size, and sleek design. It is very discreet; if you don't know what it is, you probably couldn't guess just by looking at it. I will definitely be taking this amazing toy with me on my next trip. Do yourself a favour and buy this toy now!
rating 4.5
This thing is crazy! For real just buy it you will not regret it at all! Super small and cute and powerful fr just buy it!!!!!!
rating 4.5
Good vibrations
Will provide many O faces in my near future and beyond !?!?!?!
rating 4.5
So, although I read the reviews I really was NOT expecting the sheer power of this taint little product of joy. Turned it on, and my eyes instantly grew large. Great for self play, or foreplay booster. The sleek feel is so soft, and comfortable. And, the discrete look is amazing as well!! My new favorite little secret!!
rating 4.5
You won't regret this purchase
Literally not even joking had me off in under 1 minute...look no more for the price it's awesome. If you don't have a clitoral stimulator you are definitely missing out.
rating 4.5
Best. Orgasm. Ever. 30 seconds to heaven.
rating 4.5
It was fine. But not nearly as powerful as the regular one in my opinion
rating 4.5
Involuntary squirting
If I could give it more stars I would! :P small and discrete for travel/ charging and is always satisfying.
rating 4.5
Literally never tried one before this purchase, it s become a daily after shower occurrence. Can t wait to try it with the hubby
rating 4.5
One of my first ever toys & still YEARS later a favourite of mine. My top recommendation to friends.
rating 4.5
talk about hitting all the right areas.. 10/10 I replaced this with all my other suction toys
rating 4.5
Buy it. It literally sucked the life out of me. So quiet and sleek too. If I had to complain it would be that the buttons are kind of hard to feel when you re down there doing your thing. But I honestly love this product so much. And it s small and sleek enough to use with a partner.
rating 4.5
Every lady should have one of these! Discreet, quiet but most importantly powerful! Great for road trips as long as your the passenger!
rating 4.5
You could replace all other toys with this one!
Compact, discrete, and easy to incorporate into sex with your partner. This toy easily gets me off over any other out there!
rating 4.5
Sexy fun time
I love this product!!! I have already owned one for over 5 years! I have never had a toy last that long. It is small and powerful, yet quite and discreate! I love that it has a lid to close it and make it look like something else. I have zero negative comments!
rating 4.5
too small for solo - good for couple
I own a similar toy from another brand. I found this one smaller than I have expected, and not very effective for solo flying! But works well in couple. Good size for travelling though, as it is advertised.
rating 4.5
Not my fav - bit small
I found this a little bit on the smaller side. If that works for you, it does the job.
rating 4.5
First toy ??
I honestly got it because it s very incognito I didn t expect it to work so well. This is my first toy and once you get it to to right spot it pretty much does all the work. Pleasantly surprised will be a travel must from now on
rating 4.5
so fast
very quiet, and I finish so quick!
rating 4.5
coolest little suction vibraotr I have encountered
it seals up to make oit sanitizing to store and travel with and it works great
rating 4.5
You won t be disappointed!
The range of levels is unbelievable. From barely there to holy cow! This will leave you satisfied beyond believe. It s pretty, decent, quite, and just wow!
rating 4.5
Feels good
It s better than other suction toys I ve had.
rating 4.5
My Go-To
5 stars, just an absolutely reliable, affordable toy with great battery life. Unique sensation never disappoints.
rating 4.5
I had an amazing orgasm from this. Love the suction and pulsating it did on my clit. I usually need clitoral stimulation and penetration but I used this and it was so good I didn t need penetration. So glad I added this to my collection.
rating 4.5
Mon meilleur ami
Honn tement, je suis en adoration pour ce vibrateur l . Il est incroyable et j'atteint rapidement l'orgasme. Je le recommande toutes les femmes.
rating 4.5
Good for Travel
This is a great toy to have if you're traveling and want to be discreet, but if you're going to be using it at home mostly, I'd save your money and just go for the pro.