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Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Clitoral Pump Vibe

  • 4 motors
  • 7 tongue patterns
  • 10 vibration patterns
  • 3 suction patterns

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Average rating: 4.5/5 Number of reviews: 34


Product Description

The Ultimate Pleasure Vibe is a sex toy that has taken the market by storm. It is a device that replicates the best oral pleasure sensations with suction and a soft licking tongue. This incredible device combines the most intense sensations into one lovely device. If you've been looking for a device that perfectly replicates the feeling of oral sex, you've come to the right page.

The soft flicking tongue stimulates the clit and allows you to cycle through 3 speeds and 4 patterns of flickering, licking motion. This feature alone makes it an indispensable sex toy for women. The Fantasy for her ultimate pleasure clitoral pump vibe has become one of the most popular sex toys for women in a very short time.

The tongue vibrator is packed with incredible features that make it an absolutely unique sex toy in the market. The power of rhythmic suction and tongue flicks is one of the most amazing features of this device. Most vibrators are either based on suction or on flicks. However, the fantasy for her vibrator has the perfect combination by having both the features in one device. It not only has vacuum suction technology allowing it to suck the clitoris but also has a tongue-like silicon appendage that produces a flicking motion.

Another amazing feature of this tongue vibrator is the multiple suction attachments that come with it. This allows you to use it on any body part you like. This is especially amazing when you switch between the nipples and clitoris during the act. It is a perfect companion for your solo sessions.

The multiple modes of operation are another feature that makes this sex toy indispensable. This tongue vibrator comes with 4 powerful motors offering 3 Suction Patterns, 7 tongue motion patterns & 10 Vibration patterns. So if you're to combine each and every pattern you'll have more than 200 incredible modes to give you a toe-curling orgasm. You can also single out one mode such as just suction or just tongue motion as per your convenience, giving you another range of options.

The rechargeable feature of this sex toy is also very convenient. The package comes with a magnetic USB charger. So just plug it in whenever you want some action and it'll get juiced up in no time! It is conveniently rechargeable, offering hours of enjoyment.

The ergonomic design of this sex toy is aimed at giving maximum pleasure. The vibrating silicone handle offers powerful G-Spot stimulation equipped with its own motor. Whereas the ergonomic handle provides comfort and incredible G-spot stimulation. Both these innovative features force the user to orgasm very quickly in a matter of a few minutes.

In conclusion, the Fantasy for her ultimate pleasure clitoral pump vibe is a very powerful sex toy. Thousands of users across the globe have unanimously voted this sex toy to be their personal favorite and have recommended several others to try it out. We also recommend you give this toy a shot. We're sure you'll fall in love with it!

Product Details

Material:ABS, Silicone
With vibration:Yes
Manufacturer:Pipedream Products


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rating 2.5
Stop working before the year mark

I bought this at a sex shop and a second one on here and both of them stopped working within having for a year. 

rating 3.5
Rubber ‘sealing’

I REALLY love this toy - super great orgasms! I couldn’t get the circular attachment to actually seal, but the oval one worked great. Here’s the downside - after only a handful of uses, the silicone part that forms the seal stretched out. After that, I couldn’t get it to work properly, which was a big bummer. I tried looking up the brand to see if I could send an e-mail, to see if I could buy just the silicone part that helps seal it as a replacement part. The other end (vibrator part) is still nice to use but the main reason I bought it was for the suction/clit licking part.

rating 4
Tounge is too short to reach

This is an amazing toy! However, I can't use the tounge with the pump because the tounge is too short.

rating 1.5
Suction cups are too long
I did not like how long the suction cups were. Couldn't get the device to properly work. Of course, I'm figuring out how to make the best out of a pricey purchase.
rating 4.5
This toy is the bomb, literally blue blew my mind. I was really hesitant to spend so much money on a toy, but after reading reviews and a few videos I decided to splurge on myself. Merry Xmas to me??
rating 4.5
No wonder this toy won best toy of the year! Its Amazing! The suction and the tongue omg! It's a slight learning curve at first to position the suction and tongue correctly but once in place delightful.
rating 4.5
OMG... :)))
I couldn't wait to unbox this and play, and boy oh boy... it did NOT disappoint!! Versatile and Fantastic for nipples And clit !!!
rating 4.5
My boyfriend and I have always had an amazing sex life. I lLOVE when he uses this on me. It feels so incredible. Buy this you definitely will not be disappointed!
rating 4.5
Fantasy for her.... yes please!!!
Great toy!!! Gets all the business done!!!
rating 4.5
Tried it and its amazing couldn't believe it. It felt so real
rating 4.5
Closest to oral I ve found in a toy
I love this toy, the suction was very strong though, be aware of how to release the suction. It s not quiet at all. The suction stopped working within the first 3 uses. Currently waiting on warranty replacement. There is a 1 year warranty.
rating 4.5
So much fun!!!
Stimulates everything...love the suction
rating 4.5
Beautiful you for that extra fun.
I love this new addition to my collection of fun. It's great replacement for when he is not around. Hits the right spot. The suction is like no other. Only thing is wish to include is a circular motion for the ?? . My new favorite in my collection.
rating 4.5
Great tongue
Love love love the tongue! Feels sooo real totally amazed
rating 4.5
That pink tongue!
I didn't think the Satisfyer could be outdone but yesssss! This give the most incredible tongue suction action I've eeeever felt---could be better than the real thing so watch out!! I'm addicted!
rating 4.5
The secret friend
That thing is crazy good. Never came this hard on a toy before. Saw it from a friend and got it for Christmas. Best toy ever
rating 4.5
Fantasy for her suction/clit
Buy this immediately. And a mattress protector. This is 1000% the best toy my wife and I have.
rating 4.5
Worth every penny! This toy was everything it was advertised to be and more. Never had my eyes rolled back in my head from a toy.
rating 4.5
Very strong toy To sum it up its Amazing ??
rating 4.5
Fuck yes!!
Holy fuck! This is an amazing toy! I highly recommend it! The tongue feels soo real! I have never came that hard or that many times off a toy. I'm going to have to say it's my favorite by far!
rating 4.5
I love the one and done design of this, especially for travelling. Some days I want the suction, some days the tease, other days the penetration. It is SO good. With the suction cup attached, the tongue is very light pressure. Much like a flick . With the cup off you can hold the tongue closer and move the position around. It s definitely the most expensive toy I ve bought, but so worth it for all the functions. It s really soft and you can tell it s high quality. The tongue function is a bit loud, if that matters to you. Doesn t really bother me.
rating 4.5
My Tongue has been replaced...
Bought this for the wife as she was very interested in the pumping and flickering tongue simultaneously. Something she couldn't achieve with just a pump or just my tongue. She loves it more then I expected. Will I ever be brought out of retirement!
rating 4.5
Worth every penny
Amazing. Only con is it is loud, obviously lol so 5*
rating 4.5
Most realistic
This toy is amazing, i was looking for something more realistic and this is definitely it. There are a lot of options as well which really help pending on what you need. Suction can be a little strong but over all very useful. What i love most is the suction part is an option but you dont need to use it. Also the other end is a vibrator.
rating 4.5
Holy F***
The suction is amazing, the tongue is amazing, I cannot recommend this enough. This is my primary toy for clit and nipples now, I can pretty much toss everything else. It'll change your life, it is worth it's weight in gold imho
rating 4.5
Just like the real thing
Just got this in the mail and tried it. It s easy to use. The tongue action is realistic and the suction is what makes this toy. The quick release lever def helps when it gets too intense. I cum quicker with other toys but this gives me the real oral sex experience where it builds and builds and I finally cum. Give this a try. Only con is it took me some time to cum but it s part of the pleasure experience.
rating 4.5
Awesome toy - but be careful
This thing is really unique and worked really well for my wife. She really enjoys it, but be careful when you start out as it is rather powerful and can leave an abrasion if the tongue isn't lubed up well enough. So just do that and then play around to find the right settings for your preference and then enjoy!
rating 4.5
Everything you wish they would do downstairs, no partner required! Is it a bit loud? Oh yes, but still much quieter than a snoring partner! Play a little music to drown out the electric toothbrush-like sound level, lay back and enjoy!
rating 4.5
Pretty amazing toy, great sensations and functionality. Unfortunately got it too wet while washing it off, and the suction function has lost all pressure. The tongue movement and vibe are still top notch though.
rating 4.5
Holy cow
So I never do the whole review thing, but holy cow. When I tell you I ll be happily single for a while more?? Ugh, it s amazing!! Well worth the money!!
rating 4.5
Omg wow
All i can say is wow you wouldn't be disappointed 1 use and all my tensions are gone. Vamoosh
rating 4.5
Very good
rating 4.5
Mind blowing but a bit too rough
I m absolutely obsessed with the intensity but the additional plastic tongue cover it s too rough for me other than that it s a great product to use.
rating 4.5
The build up is great, it feels amazing the suction is spot on and the different licks help keep things going, this is a take your time toy for me.