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We-Vibe Melt

  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Great For Couples
  • Quiet
  • Connectable To The We-Connect APP

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Product Description

Every time we vibe comes up with a sex toy, they revolutionize the industry by introducing features that change the whole game. However, they took a while before making their own pressure wave/suction toy. As a brand, they were known for their pulsating rhythmic vibrators so a suction one from them was a welcoming move.


But as always, with the introduction of We-vibe melt, they again set a name for themselves.  The vibrator stimulates the clitoris without direct contact. There is a rim-like structure that is placed over the clitoris. The rim encircles the clitoris which is placed in the center of the hollow opening.

Through this opening the we vibe melt vibrator sends in soft pulsating pressure waves. The user can change the intensity and rhythms to either emulate a soft suction-like feeling or to feel something more intense!


The fact that there is no direct contact is really amazing as the clitoris doesn't get sore —something seen with conventional vibrators. So you can opt for back-to-back pleasures without getting tired. 


Some other features that make we vibe melt worth the purchase are as follows:


  •      Perfect for couple and solo sessions

This is one such toy that can be used in foreplay sessions as well as in solo masturbation with amazing outcomes. 


  •      Remote access using the app

After you get the toy, just connect it to the We-Connect app and you'll be able to control the toy remotely. This becomes really interesting when you give away the control to your partner and just sit back and relax.


  •      Made of premium biosafe silicone

The We-Vibe Melt is made of premium silicone, making it non-porous, non-toxic, and an ideal material for a sex toy.


  •      Rechargeable battery with long-lasting playtime

To charge your We Vibe Melt, simply connect it to the USB charging cable included in the package. Connect the latter magnetically to the metal plates at the base of the Melt.

It takes about 2 hours to juice up and you're ready to use.


  •      Two-year warranty!

There are very few toys in the market that carry a two-year warranty tag. This goes to show that the company has put a lot of trust into the longevity of this product so there's no reason for you to doubt it.


All these features make the we vibe melt an indispensable sex toy in every bedroom. If you're still wondering if you should buy one or not, I'd say, give it a shot. You definitely won't regret it. Suction toys have taken over the world. Not only are they extremely efficient in causing quick orgasms but are also very handy. Buy one for yourself right away!

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rating 5
Best Air Stimulator
This is hands down my favourite air clit stimulator, compared to both the satisfyer pro 2 and the womanizer duo. The first setting is stronger than the others, but can go to even higher suction levels. I haven't tried the app with a distance partner but I am excited to, testing it on my own the response time from the app to the toy is very fast. Bonus of the app is that it shows you the battery percentage of your toy (so you never run out of battery at the most important time ;) )
rating 5
The One
If your O's are induced by the pleasuring of the C then add to cart and check the F out. This one will do the job and then some. The lowest setting is shockingly strong if you're not used to something like this but once you've warmed up to the type of stimulation you will forget about any other toy you used to keep in your bedside table, this is the one.
rating 5
Shut up and take all of my money.
I haven't been able to find my vibrator since we moved into our new place over a month ago. Horrifying, right? This came today. I never need to see my old vibrator again. I hope it never comes back to see how ridiculously unloved and unwanted it now is. I have fibromyalgia amd joint hypermobility which causes me a lot of tendonitis. My dominant wrist is garbage. If you ever have a wrist injury it won't matter. It's so ergonomically perfect, and requires so little wrist action (none, even).... move over diamonds, this is a girl's new best friend.
rating 5
So much fun.
This is a great toy for solo play, long distance play and play together. It does it all.
rating 5
Gets you where you want to be
Pros: I love how it feels to touch, even touching it turns me on. Quiet, VERY powerful, easy to turn on and hold with thighs. Cons: I am not a fan of the thin walls of the nozzle, I wish those were wider. And I wish there were some patterns. The app helps to imitate them but has a bit of lag. Overall, it is difficult for me to orgasm and Melt definitely does the job of getting me there but my search for The One continues (I had a Starlet and it was good except the plastic case and no patterns)
rating 5
It's amazing
It's great, but I will say that I can't really tell the difference between this and the Satisfyer Pro 2, and that toy is like half the price of this one. I have both and I will say that the Melt is more attractive and easier to hold, but if the cost is an issue for you just get the Satisfyer. The Melt does last longer between charges though, which is nice
rating 5
Great product.
My wife s new fav!
rating 5
In Lloveee
This is the best air pulsator due to it s shape its so good to use with other toys or partners!!! Amazzing
rating 5
Needs a little getting used to
Needs a little getting used to , but once you get the hang of it it's pretty awesome. Love that it doesnt oversensitizes like vibrators usually do
rating 5
Tr s bon
Le produit est arriv tr s rapidement. Il correspond parfaitement ce que je voulais. Je le recommande!
rating 5
I can honestly say that this product and air technology have revolutionized orgasm. My lover orgasms before we even begin and because of its unique shape is able to use it during oral or regular sex. Going by the look on her face it has to be the best thing ..ever.
rating 5
Out of this world pleasure and fast. I have not tried any of the other suction types and I am really looking forward to trying it with the app.
rating 5
My wife loves it!
My wife has been all about rumbly vibrators for the past 15 years. I convinced her to give an air stimulator a try and went with the melt after doing some research. Took a couple of sessions, but she figured it out and loves it!
rating 5
Mmm Mmmm
Wow! The sensations are amazing! Can't get enough hahaha. Much more quiet than other toys of its kind, and works great with a partner too! Melt is a great name ??
rating 5
Early valentines gift
She said its a different sensation...but Wife loved it.....she came super quick....
rating 5
I was a bit skeptical about using a vibrator, but the MOMENT I used this, I was in love. I could use this ALL. DAY. LONG. Buy it, you won t regret it!!
rating 5
Better than Oral
Brought my wife from OMG to holy F*ck in under 60 secs, we have the Womenizer PRO and she sore nothing would ever top it, but this toy is way more intense and won't take much get your partner to have a MASSIVE orgasm !
rating 5
This is amazing to put all my toys in and no one will know what s in it! It s really nice and discreet.
rating 5
This thing is perfect. Drives my wife crazy. The only thing she doesn't like is that it makes a funny sound with lube when it doesn't have a good seal.
rating 5
Perfect and quiet!
Totally worth it
rating 5
Got as a gift for my partner. First use was amazing. Lube use is recommended
rating 5
Sucks out your soul
This is the most fun, comfortable, pleasurable toy in my entire collection. Works amazing even on low modes. Great for self pleasure or with a partner. Absolutely recommend this for anyone and everyone. I feel as though my soul has left my body upon climax. So worth the money!!!
rating 5
My new favorite!!! ??
This is the y far my new favorite toy.... It takes you from 0-10 in less than 2 minutes lol. Slow it down for a longer session, great when need to get it done and be out the door. Definitely one I will keep handy
rating 5
We-Vibe is the way to go
Although We-Vibe products are on the pricier side, the quality is undeniable. As a transgender man, finding the perfect toy can be a tedious process. That said, this is one of my absolute favorite purchases! I have zero regrets, and neither will you if you are a fan of air stimulation! Smooth, with no smell whatsoever, easy to clean, and nearly silent. Can be used during sex, or for a hell of a good time alone. I can't recommend this product enough. If you are thinking about it, hesitate no more! You will not regret this toy!
rating 5
GET IT. All that needs to be said is GET IT.
rating 5
Just Get It
Regardless of the level this device is in, it will feel amazing at each setting. Simply lay back and select whichever setting, but when you re ready to finish , seven to eight clicks will suffice. Nine onwards are pretty amazing as well, but all feel equally satisfactory. Just get it!!!!
rating 5
Melt me.
This vibe is so amazing. In 5 mins I squirt. I really recommend this to every woman
rating 5
Compared to other suction toys, the ergonomic shape is amazing for playing with partner(s)!
rating 5
The Melt I have to say it's the most amazing toy I have to date. I squirted in 4 secs after my first test drive. 10/10. Ladies get this.