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We-Vibe Melt

  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Great For Couples
  • Quiet
  • Connectable To The We-Connect APP

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4.86 / 5 - 7 reviews


Product Description

Every time we vibe comes up with a sex toy, they revolutionize the industry by introducing features that change the whole game. However, they took a while before making their own pressure wave/suction toy. As a brand, they were known for their pulsating rhythmic vibrators so a suction one from them was a welcoming move.


But as always, with the introduction of We-vibe melt, they again set a name for themselves.  The vibrator stimulates the clitoris without direct contact. There is a rim-like structure that is placed over the clitoris. The rim encircles the clitoris which is placed in the center of the hollow opening.

Through this opening the we vibe melt vibrator sends in soft pulsating pressure waves. The user can change the intensity and rhythms to either emulate a soft suction-like feeling or to feel something more intense!


The fact that there is no direct contact is really amazing as the clitoris doesn't get sore —something seen with conventional vibrators. So you can opt for back-to-back pleasures without getting tired. 


Some other features that make we vibe melt worth the purchase are as follows:


  •      Perfect for couple and solo sessions

This is one such toy that can be used in foreplay sessions as well as in solo masturbation with amazing outcomes. 


  •      Remote access using the app

After you get the toy, just connect it to the We-Connect app and you'll be able to control the toy remotely. This becomes really interesting when you give away the control to your partner and just sit back and relax.


  •      Made of premium biosafe silicone

The We-Vibe Melt is made of premium silicone, making it non-porous, non-toxic, and an ideal material for a sex toy.


  •      Rechargeable battery with long-lasting playtime

To charge your We Vibe Melt, simply connect it to the USB charging cable included in the package. Connect the latter magnetically to the metal plates at the base of the Melt.

It takes about 2 hours to juice up and you're ready to use.


  •      Two-year warranty!

There are very few toys in the market that carry a two-year warranty tag. This goes to show that the company has put a lot of trust into the longevity of this product so there's no reason for you to doubt it.


All these features make the we vibe melt an indispensable sex toy in every bedroom. If you're still wondering if you should buy one or not, I'd say, give it a shot. You definitely won't regret it. Suction toys have taken over the world. Not only are they extremely efficient in causing quick orgasms but are also very handy. Buy one for yourself right away!

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Reviews (7)

Dec 22, 2021
(5 / 5
Sucked out my soul.

Dec 19, 2021
(4 / 5
I already have a womanizer for several years and love it. When I heard that there is a device with the same technology but with more features for partner play - I ran, literally ran, to my macbook and bought it. Very wise decision.

Dec 18, 2021
(5 / 5
Perfect and quiet.

Nov 15, 2021
(5 / 5
I bought this for my wife as we were looking for something external for clitoral massage and the Melt certainly doesn't disappoint. She's never come so fast before and it's truly incredible to see her go from zero to 'OH MY GOD!' in like 3 minutes. In fact, it might just be TOO potent so maybe I might just hide it somewhere so I can get some attention for a change!

Oct 26, 2021
(5 / 5
GET IT, All that needs to be said is GET IT!!

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