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Satisfyer Pro 2

  • 2 Separately controllable power motors
  • Soft Silicone Head
  • Air Pulse Technology
  • Plus And Minus Button Controls For Air Pulse
  • 11 Different Pressure Wave Intensity Settings

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Product Description

Satisfyer, as a brand has never disappointed its consumers. Throughout the years it has consistently delivered high-quality sex toys that have pleased the crowds. They manufacture products keeping in mind the user’s mindset and hence every feature they include in a product becomes indispensable to the end-user.


Satisfyer pro 2  is one such amazing product that is packed with essential features making it a reigning champion amongst all age groups of women. But what is so special about satisfyer pro 2 next-generation sex toys? Let's find out:


  •      Intense air plus technology
    Satisfyer pro 2 comes with an air pulse feature that aims to stimulate the clitoris not via any physical vibrations but via pressurized pulses of air! Yes, you read that right. There will not be any kind of physical contact with your clitoris. The device sits on the labia encircling the clit and delivers waves of pressurized air or creates a suction using vacuum technology to emulate a heavenly sensation!

  •      Physical buttons to control air frequency and intensity
    Many air suction sex toys have only one mode of feature however, satisfyer pro 2 air pulse comes with physical buttons so that you can conveniently increase or decrease your sensation as and when you desire.

  •      Soft silicone head to gently caress the labia
    The developers were extra cautious in finding the ideal material to make the head of the toy. If the product was too soft, it would collapse under suction whereas if it was too hard, it would cause discomfort to the user. So a specially designed biosafe silicone was used for the purpose.

  •      Ultra-silent sex toy with advanced motors
    Highly advanced motors are installed inside the tiny compartment of satisfyer pro 2 to reduce as much noise as possible. This sex toy is as loud as a whisper from two feet away hence you can use it in the privacy of your bedroom even if you have nosey flatmates.

  •      Magnetic USB charging cable
    No more hunting around for batteries. With its rechargeable set of powerful cells, you can expect to go on for a long time before plugging it in the magnetic USB charger.

  •      Waterproof body
    If you’re planning to take your adventure into the pool or in the bathtub, feel free to do so. This is one of the very few suction products in the market that is completely waterproof and can be submerged underwater without any fear.
    Waterproofing also helps in better cleaning as now you can just dip it underwater and wash it after use.

  •      11 unique air pulse patterns
    Most sex toys come with two or three but satisfyer pro 2 air pulse sex toy brings with itself 11 amazing suction and pulsing patterns. So you will never ever get bored trying to get off the edge anymore.

  •      A massive 5-year warranty!
    We dare you to find a company that gives you a 5-year robust warranty on sex products. This itself speaks volumes about the R&D behind the product and the trust the company has put behind making satisfyer pro 2.


All these features make satisfyer pro 2 air pulse one of the best air pulse sex toys out there. This product is not only a great choice for solo masturbation sessions but is also a perfect element to add spice to the foreplay sessions of couples.

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rating 5
Literally makes my pussy GO CRAZYYY
rating 5
Great but
Yes this is great! I love it. Only reason Im giving 4stars is it s loud lol
rating 5
Worth the money
Takes a little work to find the right settings and spot, once you find it though it works good
rating 5
Fabulous! Oh-My
I was hesitant buying this as I am a bit sensitive (usually hurts) when having clitoral stimulation. This was an amazing experience and purchase! Such a high quality product. 10/10 would recommend
rating 5
Super intense
Omg with the legs shaking knees weak uncontrollable orgasm ..so incredibly intense whatever you do don't touch your clit afterwards because it's super sensitive amazing toy 5 stars all the way n I mean all the way
rating 5
Game changer, wife loves it
Bought this to see it my wife might be interested and she said she didn't think it would do anything for her, but she would try it. It's now time go to to drive her wild. Worth every penny.
rating 5
Every great thing about this toy has already been mentioned, and it's all true. It is worth mentioning that this toy does have one small downside: it has a very strange charging cable that will wear out long before the toy does, and in order to replace it you have to buy a whole new toy. It's still absolutely worth buying but it's worth knowing that.
rating 5
Game Changer
OMG game changer. One of the best toys I have bought. I bought due to the reviews and they live up to everything. I own a few toys and this one is the best by far. WOW. Orgasm huge. Love it. Highly recommended. You won t be unsatisfied.
rating 5
Best Ever
Bought this for my girlfriend and she couldn't wait to tell me the story of the first time she used it. She wasn't expecting very much from it but wow was she ever blown away. The pleasure rose almost instantly and it didn't take long before she was pushed over the edge. She says she would have gladly paid double or even triple for this toy
rating 5
New fave
Does the trick every time.
rating 5
It was everything I was hoping for and more
rating 5
Who needs a man
This has to be my favourite toy so far! It s really quite to so you don t gotta worry about any one hearing ;)
rating 5
The first product on the site that has gotten me off and I have troubles getting myself off. Every woman must own this!
rating 5
Packaging was really discreet which I loved & she does the job in less than 5mins
rating 5
This one is a must for your night stand table.
This toy does not disappoint. I can t even explain it. Get it while it s on sale. #noregrets
rating 5
Run Don't Walk
I wasn't experienced with orgasms before, so this toy was a shot in the literal dark. But holy smokes, pretty sure my neighbours heard me it was so good. 11/10, I will be using it every day for the rest of my life.
rating 5
I was interested in how well these work compared to vibrators. I love to use it on my wife before sex and during sex. She loves it and it is so intense that her whole body is twitching from the lingering orgasm AFTER we re done.
rating 5
Best satisfyer
I recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it
rating 5
Buy it.
Buy it. It's worth it.
rating 5
I highly recommend this better then some $100 toys. It gets me the big O
rating 5
Five stars
Highly recommend
rating 5
Took me about a minute to figure it out but once I did wow. I was done within 5 minutes and had to hold back from letting out an actual scream. Best damn thing I have ever experienced. Top 3 best orgasms in my entire life. I would have spent 3x what I did!
rating 5
This thing did not disappoint,I have never gotten off faster or harder! Perfect for getting off in a hurry and it is so quiet! I also love that you have to press and hold the power button to turn it off, no more accidentally turning it off when changing the speed. If I could give it 1000 stars I would!
rating 5
Favorite toy in the box
My wife's go to
rating 5
Worth it
Love this one
rating 5
This feels soooo good. I highly recommend at a good price point. It is amazing
rating 5
Highly, highly reccomend
Hands down one of the best products I've ever bought, this coupled with the clitoral arousal serum I came within minutes, less then five and I felt very satisfied afterwards.
rating 5
Love love love
This is definitely a must have!
rating 5
If you re on the fence, buy it.
It s a must-have. I ve literally gifted to all my friends for birthdays and they all use it solo + with partners.
rating 5
Bought this for my wife as a surprise. She came so hard and so quick! She almost never has multiple, but this made her climax 3 times!! To say she loves it would be an understatement!