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Satisfyer Love Triangle

  • 11 Air Pulse Functions 
  • 11 Vibrating Functions
  • Easy To Clean
  • Body Safe Silicone 
  • Waterproof 
  • Rechargeable

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Product Description

The Satisfyer Love Triangle is a revolutionary clit vibrator that is designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience. With its sophisticated design, this handy vibrator gently wraps itself around your clitoris with its soft head and catapults you to climaxes like never before with its sensual combination of pressure waves and vibrations.

One of the best things about the Satisfyer Love Triangle is that you’re completely free to choose where and how you want to experience pleasure. This little gem is waterproof (IPX7), which means that it can be used in or out of the water. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing bath or a steamy shower, this vibrator is the perfect companion.

The delicate silicone material used in the Satisfyer Love Triangle is extremely slippery and can be cleaned easily after use with lukewarm water, soap or a sexual wellness device cleaner. This makes it easy to maintain and ensures that it lasts for a long time.

If your little friend starts to slow down, you can recharge the lithium-ion battery quickly in an environmentally friendly way with the included USB magnetic charging cable. This means that you don't have to worry about running out of power in the middle of your pleasure session.

The Satisfyer Love Triangle not only allows you to choose between predefined intensity combinations of pressure waves and vibrations, but you can also make your own creations with the innovative app control. Just download the free Satisfyer Connect App to your Android or iOS device and connect your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch via Bluetooth or internet to your little pleaser.

With the app, you can create your own vibrations and share them with other users all over the world. You can also experience vibrations to the rhythm of your favorite playlist on Spotify with your Satisfyer Love Triangle. There are no limits to your creativity with this remote control app.

You can even let your partner take control or control another user's Satisfyer using the video chat function in the app. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and allows you to enjoy adventures like never before.

The Satisfyer Connect App is GDPR-compliant and meets all German and European data protection regulations. This means that you can be free and take your love life to a new level without worrying about your privacy.

In conclusion, the Satisfyer Love Triangle is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience pleasure like never before. With its sophisticated design, waterproof feature, and innovative app control, this vibrator is sure to provide you with hours of tingling pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Satisfyer Love Triangle today and experience the ultimate pleasure!

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rating 5
My new go to! Couldn t stop cumming. I had a problem with connecting it to my phone at first but I once it gets connected, there s non stop fun. I m shaking all over ????
rating 5
to quote her
"oh my god oh my god yeaaasssssssss..."
rating 5
Holy Heck in a Hand Basket!! WOW!!
I m a fan of air pressure tech and especially the Satisfyer brand, and this one blew my mind, amongst other things!! The toy is powerful, quiet, comfortable and responsive but the magic happens with the app. Finally air pressure with pulses and patterns (not only on the vibration). Bravo Satisfyer, you've done it again!
rating 5
I love it! It is a little bit bigger then you think but it's design is well thought out. I synced it with the app and it works really well. Not going to lie it did leave me feeling satisfied.
rating 5
Omg one of the best toys I've bought in a long time. Gives amazing vibes that keeps me wanting to go and go and go.
rating 5
So I was looking for a Bluetooth toy and this was a great first purchase. Connect it to the app and you can set it to music or set it to go at whatever speed you want to chill you can constantly turn the speed up and down it's really interactive it's really great it's highly recommended product if I do say so myself.
rating 5
Excellent toy
I love this triangle. So many vibration and suction options. And using the app makes it sooo nice. The custom programs on the app will blow your mind.
rating 5
While I was trying to figure it out I was like oh this is it? And then I figured out how to use both features and the app. WOW. I am now a firm believer in this thing. Small and quite quiet with amazing power. My first time using it, I squirted all over my bed. I have never in my life done that. I can t recommend it enough. You will not regret it.
rating 5
Get lost in the triangle
Excellent toy! Powerful air stimulation and a wide range of vibration choices. The app is very good to find new and exciting choices for your playtime. Highly recommended.
rating 5
I love this thing!!!
rating 5
Awesome sauce
Perfect size and packs a hell of a punch. Ribs of combination possibilities with the app.
rating 5
Great Beginner Length
A bit on the smaller side; great for beginner's and 1st timers alike. Great intro toy!
rating 5
Bluetooth works well. Very strong
rating 5
I live a ways away from my partner, and it is always really hard for us to connect, but this has made our experiences so much better. The cap keeps it clean when I throw it in my purse to bring to their house. And when I cant go see them, we can connect on the app and still have a shared experience. Absolutely love it!
rating 5
Love/Hate relationship
Love the product, a little leery about the online app, haven t played with it a lot.
rating 5
It definitely stands up to its brand name. Awesome suction and vibrations. Only takes a little while before you are satisfied. The size is perfect and so is the shape.
rating 5
This Deserves More Than 5?
At first I didnt think the air pulses were strong enough and was fairly disappointed until I realised it just needed a bit more charge...after that the rest is history! Add the vibration mode with the air pulse and you'll get a sensation like you're receiving oral. Forget all of your other toys!! This is the ONE??
rating 5
Alone or using the app it's a fun and extremely powerful orgasm maker. Give up control on the app, easily make new friends and chat, video and phone communications are all right there. Invite your partner to join and take control. It's erotica beyond belief. Powerful with so many options. Long play time. Easy to travel with. Highly recommend!! ??
rating 5
Great price!
This one is smaller and stronger then the other Satisfyer suction toys. It s a great price and the app is super fun to use.
rating 5
literally in tears
this thing -no joke- made me cry. good tears. it holds its charge really well and i can get a good few uses out of it between charges. the music function is a little wonky but that doesn t really matter. overall awesome and might be more powerful than the pro 2
rating 5
Had my doubts but tried it anyways. This is a great toy. I usually takes me a long time to cum and this thing gets me off in under 30 minutes!! And the app is fun too but might be better with a partner controlling it. Highly recommend adding this to your collection!!
rating 5
Lives up to its name
Usually takes me forever to get off and with this it s 30 min or less which is awesome!! Best toy I ve bought so far!
rating 5
Fav toy
This toy is my favourite thing right now. I can cum in just a couple minutes. Is so good I bought my friend one too. It s waterproof, rechargeable and pairs with your phone. I have another toy that pairs with the phone and it always disconnects, I ve only had this one disconnect once when my legs were fully closed.
rating 5
AMAZING!! This toy is right up there with the rose toy!! Not only does it have air pulse, it also has vibration!!! Both with different setting levels. I like how it s waterproof and can fit in the palm of my hand, so it s great for travel. The cap acts as a sanitary guard so no bacteria can get on the suction head. Has a very elegant and smooth feel to it. Def recommend to people who look for something a little more powerful. I like this clitoral stimulator a lot more than Satisfyer s pro 2 air pulse. Great price too! Self love is always a need