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Tenga Premium Dual Sensation Cup

  • TPE
  • Controllable Vacuum Suction
  • Tender and Tough
  • Disposable & Prelubricated


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Product Description

For those who enjoy a balance of sensations, this Dual Sensation Cup by Tenga offers both tough and tender, soft and firm sensations. Enjoy playing with the firm, squeezing texture and the soft, enveloping ribs for a uniquely pleasurable experience. The smooth pad makes insertion easy and keeps any lubricant from spilling out while stroking. The inside is already pre-lubricated and ready to be used. Control the air-tight pressure by placing your fingertip at the top of the device. The cup does not require batteries or use a motor which makes it quiet, lightweight and discreet. Meant for one unique use at a time, this device is disposed of in a waste bin afterwards.

Product Details



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