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Tenga Geo Aqua Masturbator

  • Slippery consistency
  • will not stain sheets
  • can be used with any material


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Product Description

The Tenga Geo is a revolutionary male masturbator that offers a unique and undulating pleasure experience. Unlike traditional masturbators that are made of plastic or rigid rubber, the Tenga Geo is designed to completely encapsulate your penis with a dense and satisfying texture. The entire device is flexible, allowing you to adjust the intensity and texture with a simple squeeze of your hand.

Crafted with Tenga's legendary Elastomer formula, the Tenga Geo is thick, soft, flexible, and dense. The Aqua variation of the Tenga Geo is textured with undulating ridges that rub and caress your member until you reach the ultimate climax. The Tenga Geo is designed to be turned inside out for easy cleaning. Simply run it under water and use the included stand to air dry it in preparation for your next session.

The Tenga Geo is made with body-safe materials, ensuring a worry-free experience. It is compatible with water-based lubricants, but it is important to avoid using silicone-based lubes to prolong the life of your Tenga Geo.

The Tenga Geo is a game-changer in the world of male masturbators. It offers a new way to play that is both satisfying and stimulating. The undulating ridges provide a unique sensation that is unlike anything else on the market. The flexibility of the device allows you to customize your experience, making it perfect for men of all shapes and sizes.

One of the best things about the Tenga Geo is its ease of use. Unlike other masturbators that require complicated cleaning procedures, the Tenga Geo can be turned inside out and rinsed under water for a quick and easy clean. The included stand makes it easy to air dry the device, ensuring that it is ready for your next session.

The Tenga Geo is also incredibly discreet. Its compact size and simple design make it easy to store and transport. Whether you're traveling or just looking for a discreet way to pleasure yourself, the Tenga Geo is the perfect solution.

Overall, the Tenga Geo is a must-have for any man who wants to experience a new level of pleasure. Its unique design, flexibility, and ease of use make it a game-changer in the world of male masturbators. So why wait? Wrap your shaft in the direct undulating pleasure of the Tenga Geo today and experience a new way to play!

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