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Sir Richard's Control Pro Performance C-Ring Black is a game-changer in the world of male sexual performance. This flexible ring is designed to hug the penis and testicles, providing just the right amount of pressure to extend performance and intensify orgasms. The Pro Performance C-Ring is crafted with the power to influence, and it delivers serious benefits to users.

One of the key benefits of the Pro Performance C-Ring is its versatility. The ring can be worn together or separately, providing genuine flexibility and strength. This allows for prolonged and powerful pleasure, and it can help combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). When worn around the base of the penis, the c-ring restricts blood flow, which can help extend erections. When worn around the testicles, the c-ring can help erections last longer and create a stronger climax.

It's important to note that a c-ring can restrict blood from leaving an erect penis, but it can also inhibit blood from flowing into a penis. Therefore, it's best to place a c-ring on an almost erect penis to allow it to perform properly. The Pro Performance C-Ring is designed with this in mind, and it uses a formula that adds the perfect squeeze for most users.

The dimensions of the main ring are 2.3 inches in diameter, 1.6 inches in depth, and 1.2 inches in inner diameter. The tightening ring is 2 inches in diameter, 0.6 inches in depth, and 0.9 inches in inner diameter. These dimensions make the Pro Performance C-Ring a comfortable and effective option for most users.

One of the most exciting features of the Pro Performance C-Ring is its ability to mix and match with other c-rings. Users can wear single, double, or triple c-rings on the penis to increase erection strength and performance. They can also wear a single or double c-ring on the shaft for added partner pleasure. Additionally, a single ring can be worn around the testicles as a ball stretcher, ball squeezer, or to delay and strengthen climaxes.

Overall, Sir Richard's Control Pro Performance C-Ring Black is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their sexual performance. Its flexible design, perfect squeeze formula, and versatile options make it a top choice for users of all experience levels. Whether you're looking to combat ED, extend erections, or intensify orgasms, the Pro Performance C-Ring is the perfect tool for the job.


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rating 2
Its a big one.
this thing is amazing, in the sense that unless you are bigger than most it will swallow you up and that will be the only thing you see down there. For me, its a good fit. comfortable and effective, but not for someone without some size.