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Good Head Helping Head Masturbator

  • Mini Masturbator 
  • 2 Inches
  • Compact Design Allows For Oral Play 
  • Massage Beads on the inside 
  • Supper Soft And Stretchy 
  • Ultraskyn ABS Plastic Material

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Average rating: 4/5 Number of reviews: 30


Product Description

Doc Johnson has recently launched a new product that is set to revolutionize the way we experience fellatio. The GoodHead Helping Head is a 2” mini stroker that has been specifically designed for handheld use, with the aim of heightening the sensations and pleasure during oral sex. This stretchy stroker is soft on the outside, but has stimulating massage beads on the inside, which work together to create an unforgettable experience.

One of the most impressive features of the GoodHead Helping Head is the material it is made from. Doc Johnson has used their clear ultra-realistic ULTRASKYNABS Plastic material, which is known for providing the most lifelike experience in the world. This means that users can expect a level of realism that is unmatched by any other product on the market.

The GoodHead Helping Head is incredibly easy to use. Simply slip it over the head of the penis and use it to stroke and massage the shaft during oral sex. The stretchy material means that it will fit comfortably on any size penis, and the stimulating massage beads will provide an intense and pleasurable sensation.

One of the key benefits of the GoodHead Helping Head is that it allows for a more hands-on approach to oral sex. Rather than relying solely on the mouth and tongue, the stroker can be used to provide additional stimulation and pleasure. This can be particularly useful for those who struggle with maintaining an erection during oral sex, as the stroker can help to keep the penis hard and ready for action.

Another benefit of the GoodHead Helping Head is that it can be used by both partners. While it is primarily designed for use during fellatio, it can also be used during masturbation or as part of foreplay. This versatility makes it a great addition to any sex toy collection.

Overall, the GoodHead Helping Head is a fantastic product that is sure to enhance the pleasure and sensations of oral sex. Its lifelike material, stimulating massage beads, and easy-to-use design make it a must-have for anyone looking to take their oral sex game to the next level. So why settle for good head when you can have great head with the GoodHead Helping Head?

Product Details

With vibration:No
Manufacturer:Doc Johnson Novelties
Splash proofYes


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rating 4
Awkward to use
got this as a mutual toy for my bf & I. when I first opened the package, I got the most suprisingly smell.. it was like a mixture of licorice and vanilla. Unexpected but pleasant. The pearls on the inside are very nice & soft. I applied lube & tried to give it a whirl on my guy. But the fit was all wrong. I felt like it was squeezing him, & not in a good way. Added more lube & still very awkward to use. He said he couldn't even feel the texture inside.. I'm sure it's a great addition for some couples, but this just didn't work out for us.
rating 4
Fun for two
My husband loves this. I would recommend for couples.
rating 4
Great toy!
Got this for my partner as a first time toy and he enjoys it!
rating 4
You cant go wrong with this little helper
Bought this to spice things up, husband loves a good blow job, but sometimes lock jaw isnt so fun. A little play with this during the deed and he was ready to finish in a matter of minutes. A must have to make him weak in the knees.
rating 4
Not a Regret
My partner is quite large down there and I can go far. This has been a huge game changer.
rating 4
Very fun alone or on couple
rating 4
10 stars
We loved loved this, my husband got so much pleasure by me using this on him!!! definitely recommend
rating 4
Awesome sleeve for Transmen
Awesome masturbation sleeve for transmen. A fun way to add a cool sensation to jerking off, the size is ideal for FTM anatomy and the material is safe and soft. Easy to clean, and the textured tunnel inside adds a cool sensation. Pinch off one end to add a suction sensation!
rating 4
Great Little Addition
Super squishy, I love the feeling of it in my hands! Fit him well and really is such a good helper! Kinda wish it came with some sort of sleeve or case to keep it in, but otherwise a lovely, inexpensive toy to add to playtime! Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a toy for him/both of you or for something to change it up a bit!
rating 4
Nice and Tight
This is a nice little toy. Good for a starter. Can use and clean inside out.
rating 4
Definitely meant for couples
Bought this for solo play, and it works, but definitely could use a partner to get the full advantage.
rating 4
must have
A must have if you enjoy licking the candy
rating 4
Gawk Gawk indeed
A bit over average size, she couldn't get is all the way in. Instead of forcing it I bought this, best decision ever. Completely different head game, got me weak and all.
rating 4
Game Changer
As much as I want to deep throat, I just can't but my partner loves it so I purchased this to see if it would help....he came in 5 minutes. Enough said. Use with a flavored lube to make it even more enjoyable.
rating 4
Partner enjoyed it
Works well with a bit of lube, gives your mouth a nice break if you mix it up with a blowjob. You can flip it inside out for a good cleaning
rating 4
Very helpful
Perfect and helpful!
rating 4
Seriously amazing!!
Small bit mighty, my partner and I found that this toy adds a lot to our bedroom fun. We thought it might be too small at first, but it s surprisingly very stretchy, and the texture is beautiful, very soft, and my partner loves it (seriously. As someone who wasn t very interested in toys, I got it for him just to try if he likes it, and it blows his... mind). I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it adds pleasure and intensity and we can t get enough!
rating 4
Felt amazing
My wife and I really enjoyed using this, it is very soft and pliable. Once on it felt so good
rating 4
Great Couples Toy
My wife bought this toy to use while giving me a blow job. The added attention was awesome and helped blow me away. Recommended as a couples fun toy!
rating 4
Job well done
Paired with a blow job, this brought him there in literally NO time! Love this!
rating 4
Very soft
Bought this as a fluke and I m super surprised! Bf loves this, and I love how soft and squishy it is. Def recommend for a cheap little toy to spice things up!!!
rating 4
Something great to switch things up!
Tried this out for the first time and my boyfriend was worried it looked to small for him, low and behold it feels so silky against your hands and skin and was super fun with flavoured lube! Definitely recommend for anyone
rating 4
Head helping
rating 4
Easy to use ! Doesn't make a mess at all. be sure to purchase some powder for the outside ! I highly recommend
rating 4
It's not an easy to use toy unless your junk isn't very big. It's a TIGHT squeeze.
rating 4
Really good
Feeling is great on the tip and the shaft of my dick when blown. Goody good
rating 4
Bought as a surprise to use on my partner and it worked perfeclty. I could hardly get him to stay put once i started using it on him. ended up having to cuff him;) highly recommend it!
rating 4
Works good
It's small easy to use and clean
rating 4
Nice accessory
This really its very nice feeling. The material feels great when you're wearing it and it helps the lady a lot too.
rating 4
A must have
Some men have the ability to just go one forever and thus your wife/girlfriend usually gets lock jaw or gives up. Well can t believe I haven t heard about this little helper. Couldn t last more than 5 minutes. The only time that happened to me was when I was a teenager!!