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  • Goes around the penis
  • Uniquely shaped
  • Universal head attachment
  • Soft and flexible
  • Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

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Product Description

XR Brands Hummingbird Masturbator Attachment. The Hummingbird Masturbator Attachment is the wand attachment you have been waiting for! Why let her have all the fun? Simply fit the attachment over the head of most any wand massager and then slip the tube over your penis. The intense vibrations from the wand will transfer to the soft, nubbed tube to deliver mind blowing sensations as you stroke back and forth. Both durable and easy to clean, the Hummingbird attachment will surely be added to your regular rotation of toysEnhance your wand experience. Transforming the classic vibrating massager into a wide variety of exciting stimulators, Wand Essentials offers the most innovative and extensive wand and attachment selections available! For those who desire more power from their vibrators, Wand Essential delivers with more capability in battery-operated, rechargeable, and corded options! Designed to amplify the sex lives of women, men, and couples, each wand and topper provides endless opportunity for ecstasy. Measurements: approximately 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches. Material Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Color Clear. Please note shown on massager, not included. Sold separately. XR Brands - Wand Essentials. Categories: Male Masturbators, Vibrator Sleeves, Masturbators, Masturbation Sleeves. 2022.


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rating 2.5
Way too small. Like come on!!
Too small. Needs different sizes
rating 5
Essential for the toybox if you or someone you love has a penis
Finally caved and bought one to use on my penis having partner. They loved it and is especially good to use with a BJ, just makes sure the lube you use has an agreeable taste. As always with TPE/TPR toys, just wash immediately after use so it doesn't mold and throw away if it's starting to look gross. Maybe add a cloth bag to your cart so it isn't touching your other toys and degrading them. You can dust it with cornstarch to absorb the oils leeching off it but it isn't necessary.
rating 5
Works great !!

Very soft and pliable material. Fit was good, vibrations toe curling strong and best of all the product doesn't smell like china.

rating 5
Life's Simple Pleasures Are The Best
Folks, trust me on this one, it's design and purpose speak for themselves and need no further explanation.
rating 5
Tickle monster
This thing is fantastic, maybe a little snug but the sensations are amazing. You cannot control yourself and that is fantastic.
rating 4.5
This thing is AMAZING!
One of the best sex toy purchases I have made, and outstanding value for money. I usually take a long time to reach orgasm, this thing made me cum in under a minute. 2 important notes though: First, this is designed for the genuine Hitatchi/Vibratex full size Magic Wand vibrator. I wouldn't use it with a smaller model because the cup probably would be too loose on the wand. Secondly, lube up the inside of the toy good before attempting to insert it, and as with pretty much all toys you should probably use a water based lube so you don't risk damaging the material of the toy. That's pretty much it. Get hard, lube up, slip your pleasure stick into it, and turn the vibrator on. I dare you not to cum. ;)
rating 4.5
Great addition
Very stretchy provides great stimulus
rating 4.5
Well worth the money
Me and my wife use it to make her come and squirt and it works very well for those purposes she comes so hard so many times and squirts every time now very good product
rating 4
Bought it, Tried it, Didn't like it- Edit
Pros: Well made, very flexible, the silicone is fairly thick so will stand up to heavy use (not likely to tear), easy to clean. Con: It is too small for the way I wanted to use it. I wanted something that I could stroke along my shaft (one end of the toy is smaller than the other and shaped like a vagina (or mouth). Once I was erect, even with a lot of water based lube, it was too tight to slide up and down. BTW- My Urologist says that I am of a "normal" size, so we aren't talking about a huge member. ************* Edited 9/12/22******** OK, tried it out a second time... Used a lot more lube. Turned it over so that the "lips" were on top so that the shaft went through the attachment and then through the "lips" This helped for a firmer erection before going through the snug part. Whole different experience. Biggest problem now is controlling the orgasm so that I can enjoy it longer.