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Bathmate Hydromax 5

  • Proven, long-lasting improvements for penis length and girth.
  • Better erections and sexual stamina.
  • 92% of users are completely satisfied.
  • Fits sizes 3 - 5 in.
  • Certified Skin-safe
  • Super-flow Latch Valve

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Product Description

The Hydromax5 is the ultimate solution for men who want to achieve bigger and better results in their sexual performance. This innovative penis pump combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to provide 35% more power than the original Hercules. With its powerful bellows pump system, the Hydromax5 is designed to help you achieve bigger and better erections than ever before.

One of the key features of the Hydromax5 is its use of water pump technology. This unique system is designed to enhance penis development and health by providing a gentle, yet effective, way to increase blood flow to the penis. By using water pressure to create a vacuum, the Hydromax5 helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue and improve overall penile health.

In addition to its powerful pump system, the Hydromax5 also features a number of other design improvements. For example, the soft seal comfort ring is designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, while the transparent chamber and measuring scale allow you to track your progress over time. This makes it easy to see the results of your efforts and adjust your routine as needed.

Another great feature of the Hydromax5 is its angle change option. This allows you to use the pump in the shower or bath, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you prefer to use the pump in the morning or at night, the Hydromax5 is designed to be easy and convenient to use.

Of course, the most important benefit of the Hydromax5 is the results it can provide. With its powerful pump system and innovative design, this penis pump is perfect for men with erect penises up to five inches. Whether you are looking to increase your length, girth, or both, the Hydromax5 can help you achieve your goals. And with bigger and stronger erections, you can enjoy even greater confidence in the bedroom.

Overall, the Hydromax5 is an excellent choice for men who want to achieve bigger and better results in their sexual performance. With its powerful pump system, innovative design, and ease of use, this penis pump is the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their penis size and improve their overall sexual health. So why wait? Try the Hydromax5 today and start seeing the results you've been dreaming of!

Product Details

Material:Silicone, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel


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