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Clean Stream Premium One-Way Valve Anal Douche Set

  • One-Way Valve
  • Three Different Nozzles
  • Soft Easy Grip Bulb
  • Easy To Clean
  • Compatible With All Types Of Lubricant

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Product Description

If you're looking for a versatile enema set that can provide you with comfort, convenience, and cleanliness, then look no further than this all-in-one anal douche kit. With three different nozzles to choose from, you can customize your experience to suit your needs and preferences.

The first nozzle is a small, smooth, narrow, and tapered tip that is perfect for easy insertion. It's ideal for those who are new to enemas or who prefer a gentler cleaning experience. The second nozzle is longer and has sideways pointing holes that provide a deep, thorough cleanse. This nozzle is great for those who want a more intense cleaning experience or who have specific health concerns that require a more thorough cleaning. The third nozzle is the largest and is textured with four bulbs that provide sensation as it slips past your sphincter. This nozzle is perfect for those who want to combine pleasure with their cleaning routine.

All three nozzles are easy to clean with mild soap and water and are compatible with all types of lubricant. This means that you can use your favorite lubricant to make your cleaning experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the best features of this enema set is the one-way valve that reduces messy backflow. This means that you can enjoy a pleasant and hygienic experience without worrying about any mess or discomfort. The soft, easy grip bulb holds up to 225 ML of liquid, which is a perfect amount whether you are cleaning out for health or pleasure.

Overall, this enema set is a great investment for anyone who wants to maintain their anal hygiene and enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable experience. With three different nozzles to choose from, you can customize your experience to suit your needs and preferences. The one-way valve ensures that you have a pleasant and hygienic experience, while the soft, easy grip bulb makes it easy to use and control. So why wait? Take your pick between three nozzles with this versatile enema set and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable, and more pleasurable experience today!

Product Details

Material:PVC, ABS Plastic
With vibration:No
Manufacturer:XR Brands


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rating 1
very poor instructions, what is an easy way to fill
very poor instructions, what is an easy way to fill?
rating 2
nozzles unscrew very easy when you expect them to stay tightened
Bulb opening is small, nozzles unscrew very easy when you expect them to stay tightened. Suggest other brand that has rubber nozzles rather than plastic.
rating 4.5
Does the job
Does the job. Little bit of an art to filling bulb, but easy once you get the knack. Instructions should make this clear.
rating 2.5
Clean as a whistle
The the multiple attachments are great, the screw on nozzle design needs a locking mechanism. Frequently comes loose at the worse moment
rating 2.5
All it needs is a rubber washer.
The two attachments that screw on will not stay without a washer. I took the washer off of an old syringe and now it works very well. The large tip does not stay on no matter. It can be painful anyway. Throw it away. Filling the syringe was also difficult until I filled the sink and held it under water. Worked like a charm.
rating 5
rating 5
Easy to use
Easy to use, works great! The one way valve prevents messy back flow, and the interchangeable tips ensure pleasurable use for bodies of all shape and size
rating 3
Best one available
By far the best one I've tried...really like the one-way valve...allows for much more to get inside and doesn't leak out!!!
rating 3
Very nice
The one-way valve makes it a little hard to fill with water but it feels comfortable and the materials are of high quality.
rating 3
Good product
Once you get the hang of how it work then there are no problems it was just slightly confusing at first. Now I don t know how I could live without it!