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Inya The Rose Vibrator

Inya The Rose Clitoral Stimulator View larger
  • Rose Shaped Design 
  • Clitoral Stimulator 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone 

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Product Description

Sucking vibrators are the new fad in the market. Almost every brand is getting their suction vibrators to stand out in the crowd, or at least trying to. However, they all look and feel the same. Except for the differences in some minor vibration patterns or suction intensity, they all look and feel like replicas of each other.


So if you're looking for a truly different suction vibrator that is not only cute but also incredibly efficient, Inya rose vibrator is your best bet. One of the best-selling products of NS Novelties, the rose vibrator has surpassed all rankings to be the top people, pleaser, for consecutive years. If you're in doubt, I'd recommend you try it out. You'll never be disappointed.


What are the features that make the Inya rose vibrator stand out?


There are several features in the vibrator that put it at a different level that any suction toys you've used till now. Here are some notable ones:

  •      Beautiful design

Most vibrators you see either resemble a penis or some weird structure that is neither pleasant to look at nor serves any aesthetic purpose.

The rose bud vibrator, on the other hand, could very well replace the showpieces at your house. It is delicately designed to resemble a rose with intricate petals and markings. This beautiful design makes the inya rose vibrator an ideal gift for your partner.


  •      No physical contact with the clitoris

The inya rose vibrator sits on your privates encircling the clitoris. This way only air pulses are used to stimulate the clit so no physical contact is needed. This avoids the numbness which is seen after using other toys.


  •      Intense rhythmic air pulses

With a multitude of varying pressure pulses, this sex toy will surely get you off more than once. The subtle yet powerful air thrusts are designed perfectly to excite the clitoris without much effort.


  •      Rechargeable powerful battery

Gone are the days when you had to hunt for fresh batteries every week to keep your toys running. With USB charging ability you can just plug in your rose bud vibrator and it'll be ready in no time.


  •      Water-resistant sex toy

Want to use your vibrator in the tub but are scared of water damage? Not anymore. With its water-resistant design, you can use your rose sucking vibrator wherever you want without any hassle.


  •      Premium grade body-safe silicone

Inya rose vibrator is made up of the highest quality of body-safe silicone so you don't need to worry about getting infections or any ailments due to material toxicity.


These points show how feature-packed this sex toy indeed is. So if you're looking for a suction vibrator that is not only powerful and efficient but also looks beautiful and aesthetic, you should definitely buy inya rose bud vibrator. Be it for personal use or as a gift, this sex toy is ideal for every scenario.

Product Details

Manufacturer:NS Novelties
Splash proofNo


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rating 5
Didn't have faith, heard bad things, I WAS SO WRONG
LOL definitely worth it 1000% I would for sure buy again if I ever need one again
rating 5
love the rose but for the love of god don t use it in water/ shower. made mine die.
rating 5
Where has this been?
My Goddess where has this been all my life! Instant orgasm! I didn't find it did anything to my nipples but my clit! I was literally vibrating myself. I highly recommend this
rating 5
Almost and instant orgasm for the wife and can be used while having sex for pleasure for both!
rating 5
Should Have Bought 2
This product is amazing and am going to buy a second as a backup or incase they discontinue it. The wife loves it and is an amazing addition to the bedroom!
rating 5
Love it!
I got the pink rose! It is so cute firstly and gets the job done pretty quickly. Different strength of vibrations and patterns! Definitely recommend!