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Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration Masturbator

  • Vibration 
  • Heating
  • Rechargeable
  • Made Of Body Safe Silicone And ABS Plastic
  • Waterproof

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Average rating: 4.5/5 Number of reviews: 28


Product Description

The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration male masturbation device is a game-changer in the world of male pleasure toys. With its unique mix of vaginal and oral sex sensations, it promises to deliver the perfect climax every time. And if anyone knows what the perfect climax feels like, it's porn legend Rocco Siffredi. With over 1800 films under his belt and having slept with over 5000 women, he has had his fair share of orgasms. But he claims that the Satisfyer Men gave him his best one yet.

The device's masculine design in elegant black makes it a stylish playmate for modern guys. Its ideal size fits perfectly in the hand and ensures pleasant operation, even when things get wild. And thanks to the rechargeable batteries, the toy is not only good for you, but also does the environment a favor. If your playmate needs more juice, you can simply recharge it with the included magnetic USB cable and the crazy cum tour can start all over again.

But what sets the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration apart from other male pleasure toys is its innovative heat function. You can adjust the heat function using 3 levels up to 40 degrees Celsius and let the comforting warmth in the soft and smooth love tunnel drive you absolutely crazy. It's like having a real partner who can adjust their body temperature to match yours. And if you close your eyes in pleasure-filled ecstasy and just let yourself drift to the peak of pleasure, you will forget in a flash that you got here with a toy!

The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is also waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which means you can take it with you into the shower or bath for some wet and wild fun. And with 70 vibration programs to choose from, you'll never get bored. The skin-friendly silicone material is wonderfully supple, quickly adjusts to your body temperature, and perfectly complements the exciting unyielding ABS plastic. For optimal enjoyment, use water-based lubricants ideally suited for the Satisfyer Men products. You can choose from neutral, cooling, and warming options to protect the material and keep the surface nice and smooth.

Cleaning the toy is also a breeze. Thoroughly clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap and then use the antibacterial Satisfyer Men Disinfectant Spray for comprehensive cleaning. With all these features, the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is the perfect toy for anyone looking for a toy that feels just as good as a really hot lay. Your search has finally come to an end, and your wishes have been answered. Try it out and experience the ultimate pleasure for yourself.

Product Details

Material:ABS, Silicone
With vibration:Yes


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rating 4.5
OK. This is nice and I liked the multiple settings but it is not very deep.
rating 4.5
Soft massager
So I expected to use this more as the cobra libre/satisfyer, but it really is more of a soft massager. It vibrate, but not much. And the heat feature might make a difference for the first few seconds you are inside, but it doesn't heat noticably more than body temperature so it doesn't do much. As stated in another review, it's not very deep. Can't really fuck it either. It's more of something you leave in place and let it vibrate/massage your glans. Except it doesn't vibrate hard enough to make me cum, contrary to the cobra libre (which I read the satisfyer was a clone of) For me, it hold in place without holding it. I could walk around and it won't fall off. So it would be a great addition to watching porn without having to hold it. As such, I gave it 4 stars, but really think of it as a massager more than a masturbator.
rating 4.5
Nice variations
The various settings make it fun and diversifies the feelings you get from it. The heat feature is good... if you turn it 180 you get to feel it more. Twist and Turn it for added pleasure... happy I got it on sale.
rating 4.5
Love the heat setting
The product overall is very well made, it is not as deep as expected but still makes for a fun time whether it's by yourself or with company.
rating 4.5
A good buy on my end
Price-wise it s not too expensive and it s a great sensation
rating 4.5
not bad
Bought it for my husband and he loves using it when I am not around.
rating 4.5
Makes a difference than just hands
Thanks to the different programs, you can really spice up an evening :)
rating 4.5
Toys for pandemic times!
Works well, would be better used with a partner.
rating 4.5
I love this site
I got my first purchase and love the product and it felt so good when i used it. And will be making more purchases.
rating 4.5
boyfriend loves it!
bought this as a surprise gift for my boyfriend and he loves it!!!
rating 4.5
great product
You have a feeling like suction, hard to describe, but it's good.
rating 4.5
Good product
I love to use it with my girlfriend
rating 4.5
great sensation for the tip
so many settings
rating 4.5
It gave me a great pleasure.
rating 4.5
Works great!
Perfect vibration for the head
rating 4.5
Well worth it
Something that is not well advertised in the description is the fact that the entrance is slightly smaller than the rest which creates an incredible 'suction' feeling which, in my opinion is the best feature of this device! The vibration intensity is good and adjustable to your preference. Build quality is good and the device is easy to recharge and clean which is important. The heating could have been a little more evenly distributed and the device been a little longer but overall, this product is worth it. My first purchase with this site but I will be back.
rating 4.5
Amazing product!
I ordered a few Toys for myself and for my wife. I have never owned one before and I am really glad I got this. It's fairly light and feels amazing! The heat is really nice and the vibration can be very intense if you're not use to it but it does feel great. It is my favorite toy by far. Only thing that annoys me ever so slightly is it can take 3 hours to charge for only 1 hour of use.
rating 4.5
Amazing Terrific ,Wonderful,and oh so good
Simply the best experience of any toy tried so far just amazing with all the different pulse and heat vibration options gives me pure epic pleasurable experience.Omg luv it so so much .kiss
rating 4.5
The Best
I have owned a few masturbators in the past, this is by far the most intense toy on the market today. It gives me mindblowing orgasams every time. You will not be disappointed, just remeber it focuses on the head of your penis, you just let the machine do its job, its that easy.
rating 4.5
Worth it
Im usually hesitant to buy expensive toys but I'm glad i bought this one! Good for playful stimulation or reaching orgasm. Sounds loud at first but once it is over your member its quiet enough to be discreet. USB charger makes recharging very convenient. I just wish it was longer, it only covers 3-4 inches, but It's still my favorite toy now!
rating 4.5
Exactly what I hoped for
It is better than I imagined
rating 4.5
Mon copain a ador !
rating 4.5
At first it took be a minute because I ve never had anything like this before but let me tell you oh my word this is Fn incredible especially after a stressful day this completely relaxes me.
rating 4.5
Best toy ever! I'm average size and prefer stimulation on tip so this is satisfier is perfect for moi! Great suction and enough vibration patterns to edge or finish the job. Also, thumbs up to Twice Tonight for efficient and fast, discrete service! Also, hats off to
rating 4.5
Great Toy Definitely Beats The Hand !!!
Got This Bad Boy Yesterday Thought We Would Giver A Go .. So Many Vibration Setting Was So Awesome And The Heat Feature Is definitely A Nice Touch This Is A Must For The Lonely Nights By Yourself Geeat buy !!!
rating 4.5
Good but does not fit larger dicks
Bought this per a recommendation from a friend. It's well made, easy to clean, and unless you are familiar with it you could believe it looks more like a piece of computer hardware, very inconspicuous. It is around 2.5" deep but it gets the business end nicely. Lots of vibration settings. However to my disappointment this is not the vibrator for me. I have great difficulty fitting into this, too much girth. Can't get in without lube. With lube I can squeeze in but it's such a tight fit you trap air inside and kinda need to use your fingers to free the trapped air. The good thing with it this tight is you don't need to hold it, can just walk around with it hanging off your nob. ;) If you have the girth of a toilet paper tube or bigger, this isn't the unit for you. Otherwise I think this is a great toy. 4/5 stars.
rating 4.5
Great Orgasms
The many settings are fun to explore, the heat function really helped to add to the pleasure, and when the toy gets you there, you'll have a great orgasm
rating 4.5
Heads up
Seems to be good but if you re slightly smaller in girth than average it really doesn t feel how it is meant to