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  • Double holes (anal and vaginal)
  • Life like fanta flesh material
  • 36DD tits
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Over 12 pounds

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Product Description

Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator Tits and Pussy Dark Brown skin tone. Bust a nut inside of me. If you have always dreamed of fucking a hottie with 36DD's and a super tight waist, so what are you waiting for? Take this busty babe out of the box, out the free lube, and pound this curvy cutie until you Fuck Her Silly! This mega masturbator is the most realistic replica you ever fucked and with over 12 pounds of soft, Fanta Flesh engulfing and massaging your cock, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing! Squeeze and pinch her big, 36DD tits, then slide your cock between those massive mammaries and titty fuck her all night. Spread her cheeks, ram her tight little ass, and fill her with every inch of your man meat! She is warm, she is tight, and she never says no! When you are done, blow a load deep inside her or cum all over her stomach and big tits clean up is a snap either way with an antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water. Best of all, she tucks away under the bed or in the closet for easy storage after the fun. No commitments, no bull shit, and no worries about knocking her up. It is an all access, any time any place piece of pussy and ass made for your cock! Features, functions: the walls of the tunnel are extremely tight and stretchy because the Fanta Flesh mimics the most realistic experience ever. The channels are not very wide at all when you first start out, but with just a few uses, the elasticity will increase. Use plenty of Moist lube to help ease entry. Both passages connect to the drain hole on the back side of the masturbator, which can be used to flush water through for easy cleaning. Features and Functions Stretchy, Phthalates Free, Multiple Entry. Material Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Country of origin China. Harmonized Tariff Schedule HTS Code 4016996000. PDX Brands Fuck Me Silly 2 Fuck Me Silly. Package depth 9.5 inches, width 24.25 inches, height 15.75 inches. Packaged weight 17 pounds. Package type: Box. Dimensions: depth 9.5 inches, width 24.25 inches, height 15.75 inches. Packaged weight 17 pounds. Package Type Box. PDX Brands - Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator. Categories: Sex Toys for Men, Male Masturbators, Realistic Vaginas and Ass Masturbators, Masturbators. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.


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rating 1.5
Three Stars

Not as big as it appears in the picture.

rating 2
It's too small
It's too small and hard to use if you lie down on at the boobs come right against your stomach
rating 5
Mind Blowing orgasms!
mind blowing. Yeah its small but the canal feels awesome! If you like the really "fake" boobs look, and like fitness chicks, this is the toy for you! It really feels like you are F****** a hot fitness chick with bolt on fun bags. It has a foam core and will not last as long as the perfect butt, mine is falling apart a bit but still functional. I have probably had about 30 mind blowing climaxes with it. The nipples are firm and very life like and in a state of perpetual arousal which is a turn on. It is very easy to enter and you dont even have to be fully erect to do so, though that is rarely a problem as it is so visually stimulating. Of course you have to like the fake boobs fitness look, if thats not your taste you probably wont like this. Clean up is a bit of a pain, takes about 15 minutes, and you obviously need a discrete place to store it. Another negative is the packaging. Its discrete(somewhat-says pipedream extreme on the box) But the inner box is styrofoam and every time you take it out the stryrofoam falls apart a little mpre. May be better to deep six the styrofoam box and store it in a bag in the outer box. I have the perfect butt and really enjoy sometimes tearing that up while only feeling up this toy, so u get the feel of doggy style and perhaps a bit of a manage de twa as you can enjoy fondling this nice tight little body. I would say it is actually realistic to a very petite fitness chick with massive boobs for her small size...like one of those 4 feet 10 inch fitness fanatics...which suits me just fine. The other positive is this form of masturbation is similar to actual sex. I think the ol right hand leads to sexual laziness and possibly sexual dysfxn. This forces you to bang it like a real chick and I think will help improve your love making skills and your ability to hold out. Also wanted to mention may be a bit addicting. Sexual climax releases endogenous endorphins(morphine like compounds) and therefore is very positively reinforcing(leads to the desire to do it repeatedly). The better the orgasm the stronger the endorphin release and this one definitely delivers baby! If you are in a relationship you should take care to not allow it to lead to neglect of your partner. Ideally if you could be open with your partner and ask if she would allow you to incorporate it into your sexual relationship with her. If she loves you she should be all for anything that improves your sexual experience, though I am sure many girls egos may make that difficult. I have been married 15 years and see many of my peers having affairs and cheating on their wives. I would never do that to my wife. This to me is a decent compromise. Allows you to have great orgasms whenever you like, yet does not involve adultery. My wife has been pretty cool and accepting. If you are single I think it is ideal! All the pressure to get laid when you go to the club is off....you are free to flirt and seek out your mate knowing u have this toy to drain those blue b**** if you don't get any. You are free to take it slow with a new girlfriend and not force her into sex before she is ready...meanwhile you can work on your love making skills so that when she finally gives it up you will have some game and wont be the dreaded minute man. If you can hold out with this you can hold out with any chick, believe me! Upgraded to five stars experimenting I found its quite stimulating to enter the anal canal, if circumcised it gives a very pleasurable flick of the glans(head) on each full backward thrust, also u have the option of burying yourself to the hilt in this canal as it is about 9 inches(unless u are hung like a horse) Very enjoyable to bury myself to the hilt look at pics of very hot women and just make small thrusts within. My favorite toy now. Using it along with the perfect ass u can caress and slap the ass while banging this thing. Pretty f'n nice. Update late 2020..... Well I wore the $#%^ outta the first one I bought which is why I gave it 5 stars I guess, but had to down grade it to 4 as I purchased a second one and the canal is barely ribbed at all. Unfortunately I did not inspect this before cleaning and using....the lack of ribbing that is supposed to be there seriously detracts from the sensation making the experience very "eh"and of course its not returnable once used...so if u buy one inspect it carefully before cleaning/using as I believe returns would be no problem if unused.
rating 5
Wear a condom
I like everything about it ☺️
rating 5
Decent for the price
Feels realistic to the touch, it's a month lat er and this toy has 100% flawless I notice the difference between this masturbator compared to the rest, like the pdx bubble butt, and this is what I've noticed no matter how much care is put into effect eventually most of these models will tear and rip around the insertion areas, no matter how much revitalizing powder which is just cornstarch you use it doesn't make a difference so don't believe every review you read, now maybe if you're a male with an average size of let's say 6 in or less you probably won't have any tearing issues whatsoever but unfortunately I'm closer to 12 inches being a man of almost 7ft tall, now this pipe dream model is kind of small I'll be honest definitely not life-sized, but still very realistic,and the only wear and tear this product has had it within the last 2 months is an outer lip teared off that's it, whereas my bubble butt masturbator was ordered on the same day 2 months ago and is already splitting and ripping in the insertion areas, now that's my second PDX FMS, the first one lasted about two years second one lasted about a year and this is a upgrade from the second one to the full size model, I thought if I got a larger heavier one that I would take more of use seems that the same type of tearing and ripping is happening regardless of the size and weight increase, but speaking on behalf of this model no matter how rough, how aggressive,unless you're literally trying to kill the thing this will handle a lot more abuse than any other masturbator on the market because I've purchased for 5 then in the last 6 years at 2 to $300 a pop, and I could tell right off the bat from two months of observation that this will handle whatever you're going to throw at it it's much lighter much smaller but handles more abuse than any other of the pipe dream products they have, it's really too bad because the bubble butt version is definitely better feeling, and has more weight and heft but within a year or two it'll literally just split into two, design on this model will handle a lot more abuse, I'm not going to lie I did take the last six or seven years of purchasing these personal items spending over a grand doing so,but unfortunately some of us still have blood pumping through her veins and you got to do what you got to do.